Where does the year go? Why pretty soon it'll be time for the yearly TAXI Road Rally. I can't wait to see all of you there. But, in the meantime, here's what we've got for September:


20-22 Billboard Dance Music Summit
Union Square Ballroom, New York City

Anything happening in the Big Apple is usually worth its weight in gold, and this is no exception-especially when it carries the Billboard banner! Topics include The Future of digital Distribution, Hollywood & Vine vs. Madison Avenue (licensing your music), Preserving Royalties, Endorsements and Branding, Remixing, NARAS Panel, and a host of Q&A's with prominent DJs and stars of dance music. Call 646-654-4660 or go to www.billboardevents.com for further information.
22-25 Midpoint Music Festival
Cincinnati, Ohio

More and more, important music get-togethers are cropping up in places you'd least expect. This one is pretty cool with lots of biz info to disseminate if you can't get to New York, Nashville or Los Angeles. Try 513-831-4219 or info@mpmf.com. Not enough? Then go to www.mpmf.com.
24-26 3rd Annual Conference on Artist Management
Nashville, Tennessee

Being an artist manager myself, I highly recommend both Nashville and the conference for anyone in the music business. Probably the most misunderstood occupation in the biz, artist managers have the most important job. This is a great chance to dive into their world and learn why it's so complex and time consuming. Call 615-794-5763. You don't wanna miss this one and it's a great excuse to get to see Music City.
29-10/1 PopKomm
Berlin, Germany

Not that many of you will attend, but this is the grand daddy of pop music culture in Europe. PopKomm has everything from seminars to non-stop music-the best from all over the world. If you've never been to Europe, this is the best reason of all. Go to www.popkomm.de for information. This is truly a giant celebration of music.

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