By Jimi Heath
Dear TAXI,

Why can't you forward my songs even if they aren't perfect? I'll make any changes the producer or record company wants me to make.


Dear Frustrated:

This is a question we are often asked. The answer is that A&R people, producers and artists are looking for perfect.

Sometimes if an artist is having trouble singing a certain melody or lyrics, they may ask permission to change it slightly so that the singer can handle it better, but they aren't going to write the song for you.

If a song isn't perfect, that doesn't mean that there is an obvious way to fix it, or that any potential fix will turn it into a hit song. With the large number if songs to choose from, there is no incentive for a producer to spend lots of time going back and forth with a writer to try and get the perfect song. Especially with no guarantee that all that time will result in the song being cut. It's just a lot easier to cut songs that are already "perfect".

Dear TAXI,

Let's say that I become a TAXI member but I am a singer who does not write songs. Can I submit songs written by my friends who are songwriters but not TAXI members?

TAXI memberships are writer-based, and as a member you may submit any material that you have written or co-written.

If you are pitching for an artist deal (as opposed to trying to get another artist to cut your songs) and you want to include material in your artist package that you did not write, give us a call and we will send you a release form for the composer of that song to sign.

If you are sending material that has already been released for sale by another artist, it is not necessary to get the release form.

Dear TAXI,

Thank you for a new source of inspiration—my TAXI Membership.

Your critique process is stimulating. The feedback forms are excellent and skillfully address the most important aspects of songwriting.

It is exciting to see my work judged by standardized criteria—the same standards applied to thousands of writers. The personal comments from screeners give me an experienced individual's emotional reaction that is most helpful in developing my material.

Further, the Industry Listings and the Meter constantly provide enlightening information that helps me plan my next move in pursuing success. Again, I thank you and look forward to a fruitful working relationship.


Your astute observations obviously mark you as a gifted artist, worthy of riches and fame. I'm certain all of your submissions will be immediately forwarded.

Dear TAXI,

How do I know the companies that run listings with TAXI actually exist? How do I know that there is someone listening to my music?

Glad you asked.

It would be more difficult to run a scam this elaborate than to actually run the business the way we say we do. There are so many ways to check the legitimacy that I honestly don't know where to begin. Let's start with the A&R Insider interviews here in the Meter. These are just some of the people in the industry that we know and who run listings with TAXI. The Passenger Profiles routinely feature members who have made some contact (at least) with our listing companies. The Road Rally puts major music business executives in the same room with TAXI members. This is not done with expensive holography. Many members have been to the office and seen the screeners, the tape room, and the staff. Actually, you can now look at our webcam and see the screeners listening to your material from our website. These are not actors that we assemble whenever someone schedules an appointment to visit. They actually work here. Last but not least, we are in our 12th year of operation and still here. We would have run off to Mexico a very long time ago if it were a scam.

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