By Jimi Heath

Listen to "Betsy Went Flying":

Rob Grad may not be a household name, but the chances are pretty likely that you've heard his voice before in ad campaigns for companies like Coors Light and Gillette. The cool thing is, all of these opportunities were made possible through TAXI.

Rob had been a TAXI and Dispatch member for about 9 months when he got a surprising call from TAXI Dispatch's, Chris Baptiste, asking if he could submit a track of Rob's to a company that had called and needed a vocalist immediately for a TV Commercial they were in the process of recording. Being that the request was so urgent (they needed material within 2 hours), there was no time to run a listing. In his Rob's own words, "The thing that impressed me so much when I got the call from Doug and Chris, was that they were familiar enough with my voice from hearing my submissions that they knew I could do it. They really do listen!"

TAXI sent Rob's material and in a short 3 hours the company had contacted Rob directly. "I was nervous, never having been in on a session as a singer before, but I had a great time. Everyone there was amazing and I got the song down in a couple of takes".

Soon after his first session with the company, Rob was called back to sing on more sessions for commercials and a music library CD. His earnings have more than paid for his 2-year TAXI membership and have allowed him to cultivate many relationships and connections directly from his association with TAXI.

He also adds, "I love telling this story. I tell a lot of other musicians about TAXI. It really sums up my TAXI experience so far. TAXI listens."

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"TAXI is the best listening audience that one could hope for. These guys have valuable insight into music and are very helpful with their criticisms. I am establishing some great contacts and yes, I have signed a couple of tunes to a publisher."
— Stu Brown,
TAXI Member