Hello Michael,

The TAXI rally was one of the most wonderful experiences I have had in our business. It was a joy for Margaret and me to be there.

I must tell you that the incredible spirit of camaraderie, encouragement and enthusiasm blew me away. I had, of course, read about it in the listings and heard from you that it was fun and people have a blast. However being there, being part of it, and interacting face to face with everybody and everything cannot be explained unless you were there. What an atmosphere! We went home each night with aching faces-not because we were tired from doing anything but from smiling so much.

Every aspect of it was top end - every detail appreciated. The clinicians and panels were brilliant and the way it all moved and kept on moving was so impressive. I could go on and on but I want to mention the staff. Each and every one of them shone with professionalism and personal warmth that imbued the event with that special spirit that I mentioned earlier. We were treated like gold - because THEY are gold.

Finally you and Michael have the heart and SOUL of all this flowing from you. What you have created is a blessing. Your presence and stamp of integrity and love was everywhere (the two of you were everywhere all the time).

I was delighted and proud to be part of it. I went there hoping that in some small way I might be able to pass on some of my experience or some information that could be beneficial to the members (or a member). Instead I felt I left there having LEARNED so much.

Your friend and brother
Alan Abrahams
Thousand Oaks, CA

You won't see this at other music conventions! Capitol A&R man, Loren Israel, hugs member Christene LeDoux, after being so impressed with her full-time, self-booked tour that he may hire her to help his artists.

Cliff Audretch Jr. (A&R, Sony, Nashville) explaining why Country Artist often use songs from outside writers.

Columbia A&R executive, Marshall Altman enjoying an impromptu, one-to-one meeting with TAXI member Sam Plotkin from iFanz.

Dear TAXI,

I just got back from the Road Rally 3003. This was my third Rally and It was GREAT!!! I've been invited to travel to Nashville and write with some "big wigs." Every year my contacts get bigger and better.

Thank you to all the TAXI staff, you have helped make my dream a reality!

Shawne Lucas
Canton, OH

TAXI member Dawn DeMone was approached by several top labels after her music was played during the A&R panel. Here she is in deep discussion with Aware Records V.P., Steve Smith.

Disc Makers V.P. Tony Van Veen and CDBaby founder, Derek Sivers flank TAXI's Michael Laskow after the three completed a powerful music marketing panel.

Dear Michael, Michael and Doug,

Thank you so much for unforgettable memories at the TAXI Road Rally. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to perform and for all your great support. You guys are very special individuals and I enjoyed the visit very much. Please thank your great staff-they were awesome as always.

Best Regards,

No matter where you are in the hotel, somebody's either jamming or playing a song for fellow members. The spirit of mutual support is amazing.

Capitol A&R exec, Loren Israel taking a copy of a TAXI member Susanna Benn's CD. Several labels expressed interest in her, making her trip from London very worthwhile.

N.S.A.I. President Bob Regan (right) admiring N.S.A.I. Executive Director, Bart Herbison's speech on illegal downloading of music. TAXI President, Michael Laskow joined them on a Washington, D.C. trip to lobby Congress for songwriters' rights.

Read more about TAXI's Road Rally here!

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"I received a giant BMI check from TV airplay that I probably wouldn't have earned without TAXI."
— Julie Ann Bailey,
TAXI Member

"As writer/artists from another country, we see TAXI as the single best opportunity we have for direct exposure to the US music industry."
— Peter Martin,
TAXI Member

"The TAXI rally was one of the most wonderful experiences I have had in our business."
— Alan Abrahams,
TAXI Member

"I must recommend it to anyone I think is serious about songwriting."
— Dwight Nichols,
TAXI Member

"TAXI's reviewer showed me what my actual strengths/weaknesses were. I actually felt complimented, not attacked. Thanks TAXI."
— John Trentes,
TAXI Member

"Your dedication and hard work never ceases to amaze me."
— Jimmy Clark,
TAXI Member

"You stand behind and assist your members with their songs' best interests at heart."
— Rob Belanger,
TAXI Member

"Atlantic records is keeping my tape for further consideration . . . others have claimed to have 'connections,' you are the only ones to deliver."
— Rob Goodman,
TAXI Member

"Entrain got three songs in "Cutaway" (starring Stephen Baldwin and Tom Berenger). One of the songs, "All One," is the feature song of the movie!"
— Brian Alex (Entrain),
TAXI Member

"I have been a member of TAXI for the last two years and have enjoyed all the perks membership has offered."
— Dwight Nichols,
TAXI Member

"The Road Rally was by far one of the most interesting, informative and entertaining events I've ever attended for business or personal reasons."
— Jeremy Ragonese,
TAXI Member

"I think I'm lucky that I've found out about TAXI so early in my career."
— Djamel,
TAXI Member