Danny Earnest Gets Many Placements on TV Shows, in Movies and Commercials

By Doug Minnick
Music In TV Movies and Commercials

Denny's material can be heard on shows like Gideon's Crossing, Judging Amy, Friends, Road Rules, Real World, Hard Copy, MD's and Passions, movies "Blue Crush" and "The Dentist," and many commercials, including GMAC, Mercedes Benz, Toronto Raptors, NBA, Republican National Committee, and Kinko's. These placements have produced royalties of over $40,000!

How did he do it? Let Denny tell you -- in his own words -- how to make TV and Film placements of home demos pay off for you.

"One day in '92, while reading one of the many music magazines, I came across an ad for TAXI and figured he'd give it a shot," he recounts. "I never thought it was suspicious at all. How could you go wrong for this price?"

Denny Earnest was actually one of the first people to join TAXI back in 1992, TAXI's first year of operation.

"For the first year, I got some forwards but nothing really happened. Then, after about 18 months, things started falling into place."

He has been a TAXI member for some 11 years now and still works with many of the companies that made deals with him back in the nineties.

"Years ago I got a call from a company called Abaco/Pro Music, a music library. They loved the bluegrass/dobro background music stuff I sent them and to this day I think I've done about one full CD for them every year or so. I've got about 100 songs in their library now. It's been a great contact."

Earnest has also made deals with DSM and a handful of other companies, thanks to TAXI, and his homemade demos (his gear consists of two Alesis ADAT xt's and a Yamaha digital mixer) are frequently placed on TV and in films through these music libraries and publishers.

"I find that simple is best when sending material to music libraries," notes Denny. "They want to hear a good backbeat, usually, and a hook of some sort. I do very generic mixes, as they often have Pro Tools and want to master themselves -- this seems to be a very common thing with music libraries these days."

"So I haven't gotten into Pro Tools and all. I want to be free of the computer thing so I can create. At this point I need better hooks and songs than mastering tools. I'll let them do it! Especially for TV: they're not looking for 5.1 surround sound.

I'm a big believer in better songs, better hooks, and re-writing, rather than sitting around wondering why my computer just lost a track!" he laughs.

One other idea that Denny brings up is staying within recognizable genres.

"Always try to have your song fit a genre, for example 'blues rock.' If your song doesn't fit then make it fit, because that's how they think: 'We need a reggae tune here.' There is no classification for 'whatever.' "

Now that he has established several industry connections, he continues to use the indie A&R company to his advantage:

"You can be in this business for 20 years and still need TAXI to get your foot in the door. Just because you had a relationship with someone before, doesn't mean that it's going to get you in the door today. That's how I'm using TAXI. I'd rather be fishing up here in the Yellowstone River than knocking on doors in Nashville or New York."

Listen to two of Denny's often used tracks:

"Cold In Hand"
- placements include Gideon's Crossing, Judging Amy
"Talkin' Trash"
- used in Friends, Hard Copy and the BBC

And find out more at his site: http://www.broadjam.com/dennyearnest

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