By Doug Minnick
Dear TAXI,

There is a very interesting point being made by TAXI member Paul Maged in the (July 2003 issue). I'm a fellow New Yorker myself and we like to think we are the masters of criticism sometimes (lol).

I loved your response to his email. I get conflicting critiques myself, however, you have to look at the bigger picture. Isn't it better to get lots of( constructive criticism from as many industry pros (i.e.The TAXI staff!) as possible?

Every piece of feedback I get from your A&R staff I treat as if it's coming from a college professor teaching his students on how to perfect their chosen craft! Anyway I just wanted to let all of you guys know I appreciate everything you do! I'm a starving electronic/dance musician and since I've joined TAXI I don't even think of the starving part anymore. I just remember everyday I am finally what I always wanted to be-a MUSICIAN/PRODUCER! Thanks a million!

David Porteus
Mastic Beach, NY

Dear TAXI,

I've been reading these letters in the TAXI Meter. Look, you guys are running a business that allows people who partake of your service to have the opportunity to have their work heard, perhaps by bigshots in the industry. This is ART, there are obviously going to be differing opinions about what is good and what is not. It is supposed to be that way. The nature of the entire industry is not a democratic format. It is luck.

TAXI is a service that allows the people enrolled to increase their luck in being heard by someone who may be able to advance their career. Individuals who create music do so as an artistic outlet. It is important to keep in mind that in the long run the only person that needs to be satisfied in the creative process is the creator. If you are happy with your work, then it is good. I have been a member of TAXI for less than a year, I did not join TAXI to procure a Grammy nomination, I did so to advance my skills as a writer and composer. I am pleased to say that my work has improved considerably in a short period of time. This is due to the critiques that I receive from my listings. I recognize enough about my work to see that at times a reviewer may miss the point of one of my songs, and I will discount these opinions, but most times the criticism is valid and taken to heart.

I enjoy the entire process, and I venture to guess that there are more people like me enrolled in TAXI than there are people looking to MAKE their careers. I feel that you are running a fine service, but anytime you are dealing with a media like this there will ALWAYS be differences of opinion and the artist must trust their own work and believe in themselves and continue to commit themselves to improving their craft.

Do it cuz it makes you feel good,

Gene Gorski
Sugarloaf, PA


Just wanted to say that there are always people who are coming down hard on things that work and especially things that work AND are successful! And in a world of scams and trick business, every effort to help will seem like treason to the not-so-intelligent.

But do NOT be discouraged, just flourish and prosper.

The more you rock the boat, the more screams you're gonna hear.

So, TAXI, keep on ROCKIN' !!! Yeah baybee, Yeah!

Much music and love,
Ole Boskov

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