Lizard McGee/Earwig Land an EP in the UK, DVD in the US, major TV & Film placements

By Kenny Kerner
Major Film TV Placements
Listen to "Drag" by Earwig:

In all the years that I've been writing the Passenger Profile feature, this is the first time I've revisited a member for an update. But boy, wait till you hear this update!

As we've tried to tell you over the years, this is a business of networking and connections. Those who attend our annual Road Rally know for certain. Though TAXI may serve to open the doors to the industry, your hard work, is what ultimately seals the deals.

Lizard McGee has been a TAXI member for just about six years. He is the singer/guitarist for Ohio-based band, Earwig. And if you're thinking to yourself that you've never heard of them, I can assure you that you have heard their music.

We last interviewed Lizard in 2001. This time, I thought it would be fun to let Lizard fill us in on what's been going on with his career and his relationship with TAXI: "During the past two years since my first interview in Passenger Profile, I would say that TAXI is either totally responsible or partially responsible for almost all of the successes I've had"

Toward the end of 2001, I was getting lots of forwards to A&R people at record labels. I was living in Los Angeles at that time concentrating on trying to get a label deal. That provided me with a lot of good connections and lots of people who wanted to help me out. Marshall Altman (Columbia A&R), in particular, passed my name on to other label reps. So, even though I didn't get signed, it provided me with another level of awareness within the industry.

Then, with the advent of TAXI Dispatch, I began to focus on trying to make some income with my music. In September, 2002, I got forwarded to a Disney/Touchstone TV production for a show called That Was Then. The song was called "Drag" and the music supervisor was named Jonathan Weiss from Haiku Entertainment of Beverly Hills. That was a network TV show so the royalties were good.

Also, through a Dispatch contact that I had made, I got a listing through OpticNoise (Lisa Klein) in the Roswell TV show. It was another of my songs called "Best Kept Secret."

Some of my music got to Virgin in the U.K. but they passed on it. However, a guy who works there named James Crompton, loved it and released it on an EP in England. He's currently promoting it to radio.

There's also an English company that came to America to film a documentary on Nirvana. Through having heard of us (my band, Earwig), in the UK via the EP that was out, they came to Seattle to film and got a second copy of our music from a publicist there and really liked it. So, because of legal hassles with using authentic Nirvana music, they wound up using six of my songs in the documentary.

We also have music on MTV in The Osbournes, Making The Band and The Real World that was placed by Bunim-Murray Productions. Delta Airlines also used one of our songs on their in-flight radio programming through Soundtrack Marketing/Danette Christine. So we got ASCAP royalties for that, as well. All of this stuff was a result of following up on leads from TAXI.

We're now talking with record producer Jeremy duBois who did Dashboard Confessional. He's interested in producing our new CD. We're now in talks with Mike Lembo of Mike's Artist Management about representing our band. He's flying out here to Columbus to hear us play. Mike used to manage NRBQ and now manages Cracker and record producers."

Lizard had been living on the West Coast to focus his attention on trying to get signed, but recently rejoined his band in Columbus, Ohio, so as not to abandon their large fan following. Now, with a few years of networking and connections under their belts, the band can set up shop in their home base where gigging and touring are easier. The deals he's made so far make up a "substantial portion" of Lizard's income, which he puts right back into his career. With an EP out in England, a DVD out here in America, placement in TV shows, meetings with major producers and managers, Lizard McGee has certainly learned his TAXI lessons well. "Getting a placement through TAXI helps to motivate me to be more pro-active about following up and closing the connections. I've used the connections and the forwards to pursue relationships with people and to continue forwarding music to them."

Well, there you have it. A busy little TAXI Dispatch member who leaves nothing to chance. If there's anything to be learned from Lizard's story it's that TAXI may make the connection, but it's up to you, with perseverance and hard work, to keep it.

Thanks, Lizard, for the inspiration.

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