Chuck Henry Lands Deal with World Beat/New Age Label Etherean Records

Taxi Member Lands Record Deal
Listen to "Rumba de L'Afrique":

Classicly trained pianist Chuck Henry almost didn't make the submission that landed him his first record deal. "I barely had time to go drop it off at the TAXI offices before they closed for the day," explains Chuck. "That was in June of 2001, and I got the call from the head of A&R at Etherean in July. Almost 2 years later, on August 5th, the album is finally ready for release."

The delay in releasing the record actually enabled Chuck to continue to hone the project, and make it the best it could be. How did he do this? That's right -- he not only used TAXI to get his deal, he used TAXI to move the project towards perfection.

"Things always happen for a reason, and the extra time allowed me more time to remix, redo, rewrite, and really perfect the tracks and write a couple of new ones too," says Chuck.

"As I was working on the album, I submitted a few of the songs for some TAXI World Music listings while the songs were in the process of being written. The critiques came from some fresh ears and very knowledgeable people. Those critiques were very insightful and helped shape some of the songs on the record. So, in the long run, it worked out better that I had the extra time, and I am very excited about the final product."

Chuck calls the project "World Radio" and the first album, entitled "Evolution," contains elements of artists such as Deep Forest and Enigma, mixed with Moby and David Sanborn. It could be called "ethnic electronica with a jazzy edge." To purchase the album, visit Etherean Music.

The artist deal is only one of many deals and placements that Chuck has gotten through TAXI. He did a full-length World Music album for the British DMPML Music Library which is used in Europe and Japan for television, film, commercials, and AV projects.

Chuck has also signed some Smooth Jazz songs to J2R Music. "They are getting them placed on "All My Children" as well as other shows. I have signed a couple of tracks to Mediatone Music that are on a 'Drama' CD, and those seem to be selling well, too" Chuck adds.

"I also made a deal with RCN Entertainment in New York this year for a song that was used on a TV show about New York nightlife called "The Best of It." This particular deal came about a year after I submitted the song. I'm sure one of the biggest frustrations of many members is getting forwarded and then nothing happens. No phone calls, nothing. Sometimes, though, many months later, long after it is forgotten, you just might get a call. That's happened to me with this one. I got the song forwarded, but then heard nothing until a year later when I finally got a call saying they wanted to license it for the show."

Chuck has also placed songs with Ren Music and DSM Music libraries, and licensed a couple of songs to independent films.

Recently Chuck was submitted for a Sony video commercial that needed music immediately. "I met with the ad people the next day, completed a John Williams-like score overnight for it, and then locked up the gig the following morning. They've now slated me to do 3 more of these videos, which is very cool!

"I also have some other TAXI deals in the works at the moment -- there are some smooth jazz tracks of mine under consideration by MUZAK, and I am also working on a theme song for a show on the Food Network. All thanks to being a member of TAXI!" enthuses Chuck.

Way to go Chuck! Remember us when you are picking up your Grammys, Emmys and Oscars!

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