Electronica Duo PB & J Find TV Placements
are Their Bread and Butter
A Verizon Ad and the irreverent hit TV show 'Malcolm In The Middle' are just two of many placements enjoyed by this Florida based Electronica duo . . . Read the full story

Listen to the 8-track demo that started it all
Bulletin: Tim McGraw Puts TAXI Song on ‘Hold’
Elliott Park's song 'Rusty Red Wagon', previously on hold for hot country band Diamond Rio, has now been picked up by Nashville phenom Tim McGraw . . .Read the full story

Listen to Elliott's song
Scott Austin: A&R Maverick Records
He went from being a singer-songwriter to budding recording engineer, A&R intern to producer. During his tours of duty with Capitol and Maverick, he had a hand in discovering Michelle Branch, among others . . .

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Mike Farley's song "When Lights Go Down" will air twice on an episode of ABC's long-running daytime drama "All My Children"_._._.

Kool Kat Music Library released a complete CD of New Age atmospheres by Paul Avgerinos, for film & TV placement. Another full CD is on its way_._._.

"Last year I signed a publishing deal with Mediatone Music/Studio Cutz Production Music Library," says Dan Caravetta. "I have started to see some checks coming in_._._."

"TAXI is a fabulous vehicle for getting what you do out there to others. It's a no-brainer_._._."

With seven members placing their music in the indie film "Mr. Id," TAXI was in intregral part of the movie's production_._._.

Rock Wilk, Amy Powers and Kregg Barentine got music on ABC's "All My Children"_._._.

Read the full story

Brad Chiet's song "Harley 99" is featured in the movie "Local Boys," a family drama with Mark Harmon_._._.

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"I want to thank you for being instrumental in helping me obtain my deal, and I hope you and the TAXI staff continue the professional work and enthusiasm that make TAXI a great vehicle for many musicians."
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