Interview by Kenny Kerner
Despite the thick accent, Fabio Castro has no problem letting everyone know that joining TAXI Dispatch was the best thing he ever did in his life. A native of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Fabio considers himself a world traveler, meaning he has no real address but jaunts from Florida to Brazil to Europe.

I caught up with Fabio by phone as he was packing for Brazil. His enthusiasm was infectious. You see, Fabio had to prove to his father and to himself that there was in fact a career to be had in the music business. He joined TAXI Dispatch in February of this year and, within two months, had 16 of 22 songs forwarded, with one deal being worked out as we speak.

A college graduate, Fabio began playing guitar at 13 and a year later, was recording demos on his home studio. “When I was about seven or eight, I listened to ‘The Number of the Beast’ by Iron Maiden and I knew that was what I wanted to do with my life. Music. But being an only son I didn’t have anyone to play with so I started getting obsessed with home recording. This gave me the opportunity to have tracks to solo to. Home recording soon became my best friend.”

Castro finished high school and graduated from business college in Brazil. After attending law college for two years, he realized it wasn’t for him: “Nowadays, my father respects my music but when I was younger and just starting out in music, it was a nightmare for him thinking that I might become a musician. I worked with him in his factory for a while but in time I realized that it wasn’t for me; I couldn’t be happy unless I was making music.”

Name: Fabio Castro
Residence: World Traveler
Age: 29
Occupation: Full-Time Musician
Joined Taxi: February, 2003
Songs Forwarded: 16
Deals: Pending
While home recording allowed Fabio a means to put his ideas down on record, it was skydiving that really served as the inspiration for those ideas. “I don’t think that music can feed off of itself; I think you have to experience all other things in life and be able to translate life into music.” Wow! Pretty heady stuff. But it worked for Fabio. After his first jump, he went home and immediately wrote three new songs.

Like most serious musicians, Fabio first thought he’d become a recording artist. “I recorded my CD and had it distributed and then went ahead and fell into every artist trap you could imagine. It didn’t take long for me to get pretty disappointed. Then, I decided to abandon my artist profile and just create music. I started writing music that was more electronic and a little more realistic for me. A friend of mine who films skydivers was putting together a new film and asked if I had any music for that film. The thought of being able to combine skydiving with my music was great. He used my music in his film and we won an award for it at a festival. I loved the idea of having to put music to an image. It was perfect.”

Fabio’s initial success drove him to want more and so he scoured the Internet until he came across some articles by TAXI President Michael Laskow and decided that Dispatch was for him. “I love Dispatch because it’s fast. Most times within 2-3 days I can record the song, send it out and get an answer. I hate waiting for weeks to hear from somebody about my songs. I have to keep putting music on the street I’m all about working fast. I like to sit down, start and finish.”

And there’s something else you should know about this TAXI member: To this day, he still works with a minimum amount of home recording gear. “I still do not have a major home studio with a lot of equipment. The computer is my main piece of gear. And I don’t have any problem using anything—I use loops, anything that’s legal, anything that fits the music. The first songs I recorded for the skydiving film I made on my computer while living in a trailer. I had my computer, my guitar and my will to do music.”

Fabio Castro is the kind of guy who didn’t have much, so he was always thankful for what came his way. He used his limited home recording gear to make master quality recordings—with great success, because he understands how to use the gear properly. Fabio also understands that as a writer/producer, he needs an outlet for his music. And that’s why he continues to rave about TAXI Dispatch: “It was hell for me to come up with the money for TAXI and I also had to convince my wife that it was a good idea. But I got my first three forwards before I even got the TAXI paperwork finished! Joining Dispatch was the best thing I did in my life. When I first got a call back from a company that my songs were forwarded to I almost had a heart attack. It was so cool finally hearing that someone liked my music and understood it.”

By the time you read this Passenger Profile, Fabio Castro will have been a member of TAXI Dispatch for only four months. And just like he figured out how to maximize the use of his home recording gear to achieve success, he also figured out how to use his TAXI Dispatch membership to prolong that success. I suppose Fabio put it best when he said, “TAXI had every opportunity to screw me. And they didn’t. Joining TAXI was the cleanest thing I did in the music world in my life. It’s a very non-bullshit approach. I know whoever calls me back got my music and listened to it and liked it” Amen.

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