4-Track Demos Score TAXI Member Two 'Holds' by Diamond Rio

Interview by Doug Minnick
4 Track Demo Taxi Member Diamond Rio
Listen to 'Rusty Red Wagon' by Elliott Park:

Think you need to have elaborate demos and state-of-the-art equipment to compete in today's music business? TAXI member Elliott Park proves the time-honored adage that "it's all about the song" by getting two of his home-recorded, 4-track demos on "hold" for superstar country act Diamond Rio.

We asked Elliott (from his home in the tiny town of Baird, TX -- population 1623) to shed some light on his approach to writing and recording.

"I use a Technics Digital Piano hooked up to a Boss 4-track Digital Recorder. I usually do my own vocals, including harmony. When I need a female vocalist I have a couple of very talented friends who help me out.

"I don't really have an acoustically controlled environment. I mean, I've seriously had to redo vocal takes because my dogs started barking at a skunk outside. But a good mic and a little reverb added (on my 4-track) makes a good demo. I never worry about padded walls and all that -- a room with a carpet works fine for me. The main thing is the song.

"I know it's been said a lot, but a ton of equipment can't give a song heart. And I would even say that too much instrumentation can cover up the heart of a song.

"Anyway, someday I might invest in an 8-track and maybe a sound module, but I don't think it's essential."

Elliott is right: a great song is what people want. All the bells, whistles, tracks and effects in the world won"t make a bad song great, and a great song doesn't need them.

Congratulations on the Diamond Rio holds, Elliott. We've got our fingers crossed that your songs make it all the way to the record!

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