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Hi Michael,

I saw your TAXI TV episode last week about choosing the right genres for the kind of music I make. I think your advice is good, but my problem is that I don’t know what genre my music IS most of the time. When I finish an instrumental cue, I don’t know if it is EDM or House music. So many of the genres are similar and the things that separate them are not always clear to me.

My question is: What do you think is the best way to learn about the fine points of the different genres?

Thank you,
Johann Conners

Hi Johann,

Genres, especially certain genres like Pop, can be moving targets. Most genres don’t remain rigidly defined for all time because styles change. Pop was one thing in the 1960s, another in the 1970s, yet another thing in the ’80s, ’90s, and so forth.

My experience tells me it’s your job as the creator to stay on top of what current genres sound like, and know which genre your music is. And it sounds like that’s exactly what you want to do!

If you create music that’s hard to define and the genre is not easily identified, it will often be harder to place. If you create music that sounds like old, out of date versions of a genre, it will most likely be limited to placements in shows, films, and scenes that need music from past eras. That’s often a great niche, but a much smaller opportunity, overall.

The best way to currently learn about different genres is probably by using Spotify or watching videos on YouTube. Listen to as many examples of each genre as possible because there will be a range of styles within each genre. And stay current by re-listening to those same genres six months to a year later.

I hope those ideas are helpful!


Hey there, TAXI!

Your new website looks great. I think it finally reflects how professional you guys really are, and that was long overdue. I love that I can now see the TAXI Forum on my iPad and my phone. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Judy Roystere

Thanks, Judy!

We know it was long overdue, and we’re still working on it. Over time, you’ll see improvements in many aspects of the site and some simplification of the submission process. We’re also planning to become more active in adding fresh material to our blog as well as adding short, to-the-point, single-subject video clips about succeeding in the music business.

Thanks for letting us know that you like the new look of the site, and be on the lookout for more improvements in the weeks ahead!

Warm regards,

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