Hit Songwriters Panel, TAXI Road Rally 2007

In the first part of this interview, Brian Howes, Don Rollins, Adam Watts, Andy Dodd, and Mike Elizondo talk about how they became hit songwriters for artists such as Daughtry, Faith Hill, High School Musical, 50 Cent, and many, many more. Read the full story

Passenger Profile: Steve and Karen Multer

This husband-and-wife songwriting team takes you through their unique songwriting process, as well as the benefits and challenges of working together in the musics business.Read the full story

What Kind of Music Gets Used in TV Shows?
Nearly every kind of music is needed by someone for something, at some point in time. And there's a pretty good chance that you might already be sitting on music that's perfectly suited for a great TV licensing opportunity and you just don't know it. Check out this article by TAXI CEO Michael Laskow.Read the full story

Member Deals Cool Stuff Industry Videos

CBS show Cold Case features song by Brad Paxton_._._.

Dean Krippaehne's song on #8 album on Billboard chart_._._.

Barbara Marin's song in Greek, and ABC Family show_._._.

Samson GM1U G-Track USB Microphone/Interface

Our CEO, Michael Laskow is a 'retired' producer/engineer. He saw the review on this microphone and flipped out. He thought you'd flip out when you see that it's more than just a microphone and it's really cheap!

Film and TV Placements

Highly successful TAXI member Matt Hirt gives you the keys to the Film/TV placement kingdom in this awesome video series.

Write Better Songs

Legendary songwriting coach and author of The Craft and Business of Songwriting, John Brahney, gives killer advice in this short video.



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