Well, spring is definitely in the air and more and more music business seminars are beginning to rear their heads all over the country. Here are some of the very best for March:


5-8 Canadian Music Week
Toronto, Canada

This is the big one for those living in Canada. This one's got it all—from emerging new artist to lectures to panels and seminars. Check out the celebrity interview with Alanis Morissette, the breakout sessions, Canadian Music Awards, Independent Music Awards, and the Festival Showcases. Worth attending.
6 7th Annual Billboard Music & Money Symposium
New York, New York

This day-long seminar brings together experts from the financial, legal, music, and Wall Street communities for an in-depth look at the financial realities of our industry. Expect almost 300 top-level execs from labels, publishing companies, and management firms as well as the artists themselves. Pros from Sony/BMG, Time Warner, Yahoo!, EMI Music, and the Warner Music Group are expected to attend.
12-16 SXSW Music Conference
Austin, Texas

If you're an emerging musician, this is probably the best way to connect with labels, managers, and publishers—not to mention radio and the press! During the afternoons, some of the best educated industry pros share their collective knowledge with you and by night, there are more showcases than you can ever get to attend. Last year more than 1,500 artists showcased their talents in front of some 12,000 registrants. This year, Lou Reed will keynote the Music Conference and Film Festival. Not to be missed by anyone!
25-29 Winter Music Conference
Miami, Florida

Seminars, panels, showcases, DJ spin-offs, networking, international dance awards, editing workshops, demo listening, club events, exhibits—and we've only begun to scratch the surface of what you will experience at this gala event. Hotel discounts are available if you register early. This one is worth it.

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