Road Rally 2007: Quickly Coming Down the Pike!

Invaluable information; networking with musicians, artists and songwriters; unheard of access to industry insiders. Come and find out why TAXI's annual Road Rally is considered the best convention in the music biz. Read the full story

Major Label A&R Panel, Part 2, Road Rally 2006

True or false? But if I could just get my CD into every record store in America, Im sure I would sell millions. Find out the answer in the second part of the Major Label A&R Panel interview with Guy Routte, A&R Consultant, Columbia Records, Urban; Tony Ferguson, VP of A&R, A&M/Interscope; Kirk Boyer, Sr. Director of A&R, Lyric Street/Disney, Nashville; Steven Melrose, President, Left Wing/Virgin Records (at time of panel). Read the full story

Passenger Profile: Michele Jusko
It took Michele Jusko quite a while to determine that music was going to be her full-time career. But once she got started, it was one success after another. Find out what she gave up, and why Michele is now looking to the future and dreaming big.Read the full story

Guerrilla Marketing Your Music

There are many creative Guerrilla tactics that musicians like you can use to get paid for your music if you take the mindset of a Guerrilla Marketer. One cool out-of-the-box technique is writing and selling music to established business owners. For more great Guerrilla marketing tips from guru Mitch Myerson, check out this article!Read the full story

Member Deals Tips Industry News

Bryan Bryant's song is used on ABC's flagship soap opera, All My Children_._._.

Marla Lewis, a full-time elementary school teacher, lands a deal with a publishing company_._._.

The Friday Night Lights box set features a song by Brian Emmert and his band, Saints and Sinners_._._.

Tax and Accounting Issues for Musicians

Amazon MP3 Open for Business

New store has competitive prices and DRM-free tracks_._._.

I.B. Bad Looks at the Week's Music News

While Hands and Bronfman give pep talks, Reid and Iovine light up the scoreboard_._._.

LennyBeerBlog: Hip-Hopapotamus

Kanye West's success provides a blueprint for the recovery of a beleaguered biz_._._.

Bulletin Board

Zeppelin, Yardbirds, Police — retro is huge_._._.

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