Don't look now but the TAXI Road Rally is just around the corner. Are you gonna make it this year or talk about the one that got away again? I'm looking forward to seeing thousands of you there. Here's what's up for October:


3-4 Digital Music Forum West
Hollywood, CA

The seventh Annual Digital Music Forum is being held at one of Hollywood's newly renovated and most popular hotels and is packed with great information, guest speakers, and events. The future of digital pricing, future digital devices, online and mobile markets, licenses and royalty structures, social networking sites, and upcoming trends are all on the table for discussion. Don't miss this one!
5-10 Billboard Dance Music Summit
Las Vegas, Nevada

What a combination: Billboard, dancing, and Vegas! Two days solidly packed with everything you need to know about getting smart. Topics include partnering band and brand, electronic artists and DJs, getting heard on the radio, getting your songs on TV and in films, and an in-depth discussion on digital rights.
11-14 Ontario Folk Festival Music Conference
London, Ontario, Canada

Here's a real festival you can sink your teeth into. Not only will you get to hear some great emerging music but discussion topics include Folk music in the 21st Century, women in the industry, writing for film and TV, touring across Canada, and just about everything that covers music for the independent artist.
19-21 Tim Sweeney's Music Strategies 2007
Los Angeles, California

The concept is a simple one: do your music full-time and get paid for it. Geared toward the Indie artist, Tim Sweeney's workshops will tackle how to get great exposure for your music, how to build a fan base, how to find ways to sell more CDs, and finding ways to impact people with your music.

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"TAXI is the best listening audience that one could hope for. These guys have valuable insight into music and are very helpful with their criticisms. I am establishing some great contacts and yes, I have signed a couple of tunes to a publisher."
— Stu Brown,
TAXI Member