By Rachel

Singer/songwriter Scott Krippayne has been a TAXI member since 2004 and has submitted hundreds of songs. Earlier this year, along with his pastor Jeff Peabody, Scott decided to submit his music to something different: the American Idol® Songwriter competition.

Scott and Jeff entered one song, but a few days before the deadline, they decided to take one more shot and wrote "This Is My Now"—the winning song. Scott and Jeff were one of 20 finalists in the first American Idol® Songwriter competition, and their song was ultimately chosen by fans.

"Jeff and I believed in the song and felt like we took a good shot at the target—but it was a serious long shot—simply from the number of submissions. We were thrilled when we found out we made the top 20 and the phone call letting us know we'd won was surreal. I was downstairs playing Wii with my kids when my phone rang. I'm just glad they left a message," Scott said.

"It was completely surreal. My wife was gone and away from her cell phone, Scott and I were sworn to secrecy, and I was DYING to tell someone," Jeff added.

Scott and Jeff didn't write the song with a particular contestant in mind, but they were both impressed with Jordin and Blake's renditions of "This Is My Now."

"When Blake sang [at the finale], I was still sort of in shock that it was all actually happening and that it was our song being sung on American Idol®. Then Jordin sang, and it was so gratifying that she really connected with it emotionally. That's a great feeling for a writer," Jeff said.

As far as songwriting goes, TAXI has helped Scott improve his skills and techniques. "The critiques and feedback from TAXI have helped me grow as a writer—they help me see my weaknesses more clearly, and offer ways to improve —they also help me to identify my strengths as well. So whether consciously or unconsciously, the feedback affects the songs I write—'This Is My Now' included," Scott said.

"I think I speak for the entire TAXI staff in saying that it's always great when somebody you know is honored in such a public way. It's even better when you know that they've worked hard to earn that honor. Scott and Jeff have proven that in spades," adds TAXI's Michael Laskow.

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