By Rachel Laskow

Friday, January 13 wasn't such an unlucky day for The Motion Sick, TAXI member Mike Epstein's band. The band was selected as's Band of the Day. But that was only the beginning. In the April edition of SPIN magazine, The Motion Sick was named Band of the Month.

"We had worked really hard putting together the record and were really excited to be receiving such prestigious recognition for our work," said Epstein, who does vocals and guitar for the band.

When The Motion Sick was chosen as Band of the Day, the first thing they noticed was the quality and popularity of other bands selected around the same time: Morning Wood, Babyshambles, The Boy Least Likely To, and We Are Scientists. Those bands have substantial national attention and label support.

Besides being chosen as Band of the Day, SPIN chose The Motion Sick as one of the few featured bands in their January podcast. The band also appeared in a Microsoft ad that ran in the March issue of the magazine. In the same month, their song, "Satellite" was listed as one of the songs to download in SPIN's monthly Mix Tape.

"Coverage in a publication like SPIN really helps lend credibility to our output and gives us recognition for the hard work we've done. We are a relentlessly hard-working band. Part of the reason is that we all really believe in the project and feel that we work in a really synergistic way to generate some really good music," Epstein said.

"Believe it or not (and you probably do believe it), it often takes recognition like this before other people start to even pay attention to what you're doing and once they do, you're in the door. Naturally, we know this coverage isn't enough to get us where we want to be, but it sets us down the right path and we plan to keep on working just as hard to continue that advancement," he continued.

One of the ways that The Motion Sick is advancing its music career is through TAXI. Epstein has been a member since October, and recently signed a licensing deal with Blue Scout Music.

"The Motion Sick has been operating using a very strong DIY ethic from the beginning and we really are reluctant to give up any control of our material. Blue Scout Music is really working in the publishing realm in a unique way that is truly artist-centered. They offer an easily terminable, non-exclusive licensing scenario in which they are only taking a cut for work they've done. I honestly didn't think we'd ever find something like this!" Epstein said.

When Epstein submits songs through TAXI, he knows that the chances of The Motion Sick's music getting head by the industry increases substantially.

"TAXI is another way for us to get A&R people that otherwise wouldn't hear about us, to give an honest listen. That's the most important thing. We know that industry people are going to trust TAXI's filtering more than the postal service's filtering," he said.

Check out the SPIN feature on The Motion Sick.

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