Accordian Player Squeezes Another Big Deal

By Rachel Laskow
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Last year, Gary Sredzienski realized that even though he lives far from Hollywood in Kittery Point, Maine, and plays the accordion, that doesn't mean he couldn't get a deal through TAXI. His music made it into one of summer's major motion pictures, Bad News Bears. And the good news didn't stop there.

The music editor working at Paramount passed Gary's music along to a music editor at CBS. "The cool thing about TAXI was that it established an initial connection for me. It got me in the door and who knows what else may happen," Gary said.

Gary got the good news on Valentine's Day. He received "the best message one could ever receive" from the music editor for the CBS show Love Monkey. Gary signed a contract for his song "Tango Donati" which will be played for more than three minutes in an upcoming episode of the show.

Ironically, for all the TAXI members reading this, Love Monkey is about the trials and tribulations of a record label A&R executive — a subject near and dear to our readers.

Although the show has received favorable response, Love Monkey is currently on a "network hold." But as of this writing, has not been cancelled.

For his part, Gary is waiting and hoping for the hold to be lifted, and the show to air. The show also has a Web page for each episode that highlights the music and artists who have appeared in the show, which would mean great exposure for Gary.

"It's like I have stock in the show Love Monkey. I'm keeping an eye on this "stock market," hoping it will air and take off," Gary said.

Each month, Gary has gotten more and more forwards from TAXI, and says that the Road Rally was a real wake-up call for him. "What's incredible about TAXI is that it has motivated me to get off my ass and write more music. Each month I am finding specific listings that I can write for," he said.

As an accordionist, he music can fit into so many genres including game show music, upbeat music, comedy music, and ethnic music. Last month he tried Greek music and he just submitted two traditional Italian tunes.

"I will keep writing various styles and put it up on Broadjam to e-mail to the editors and to continually make TAXI submissions. I've been a full time accordionist since 1990, but my career really began when I joined TAXI two and a half years ago," he said.

"You'd really have to meet Gary to understand what a joy it is for me to see him become so successful using TAXI. He's such a great guy, and so incredibly appreciative. I hope we can help get his music placed a thousand more times," adds TAXI CEO, Michael Laskow.

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