TAXI Members Help Heiarii
Rock to Success

By Rachel Laskow
taxi helps heiarii
When Heiarii's manager Kenny Kerner began looking for songs for the artist's debut album in America, Dance!, he started the search at what many people would think is the obvious place: music publishers. But he wasn't getting what he wanted.

So, Kerner decided to take a different route: TAXI. He ran listings and got songs that were much closer to what he was looking for than anything he heard from the publishers. The song,"Distracted" by TAXI member Jason Perez, was "right on the money," Kerner said.

After going through nearly 60 TAXI submissions and running a second listing, Kerner found six more songs to use on Heiarii's 12-song album: "Dance" (by David Keen), "You'll Be Mine at Midnight" (by Mike G. Guerriero), "You Took My Heart Away" (by Jascha Richter), "Love Is To Set Free" (by Carl Lidberg), and two more by Jason Perez, "Haunting My Heart" and "Before You Say Goodbye."

Kerner and Heiarii worked with the TAXI members and made small changes to the songs before Heiarii recorded them. "It just worked out great. It was incredible," Kerner said.

In fact, "Love Is To Set Free" was a top 5 hit in Tahiti, Heiarii's native country.

The TAXI members' songs aren't the only things boosting Heiarii's career. He performed live on stage at the 2005 TAXI Road Rally. "It was really exciting. I live my songs and I want people to feel it, too. I want to share the story," Heiarri said.

Another 2005 highlight for Heiarii was winning Best Pop Artist of 2005 by All Access Magazine. Kerner saw the contest in the magazine and submitted some of Heiarii's CDs. Three months later, he read the list of award nominees in the magazine. Some of the artists had been touring for years. "I didn't think he had a prayer," Kerner said.

But Heiarii focused all of his efforts on winning the award. He even sang to total strangers on the street and asked them to vote for him. And in the end, his hard work paid off. When the announcer at the award ceremony said, "Damn, I can't pronounce the name," Kerner and Heiarii knew exactly who he was talking about.

Heiarii knew he won and started to cry. "I was so happy. I couldn't believe it. Coming from Tahiti, and winning an award in L.A. is huge!" he said.

Next on the 23-year-old singer's list is performing live gigs, working on a Christmas album, and starting a second Pop album, due out in 2007. For all TAXI members, Kerner plans to run listings for the new album in February and March.

"He's completely in control of his career... He has a heart as big as all outdoors," Kerner said.

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