Ken Komisar: Vice President, A&R Sony Music
— Part 1

Ken Komisar has always loved the music business, but never thought he'd be a part of it. FInd out about his first gig and how he ended up falling into A&R. Komisar also shares what he looks for in an artist or act.Read the full story

TAXI Members Get Biggest Deal After Membership Runs Out

Adam Watts and Andy Dodd wrote and produced Jesse McCartney's "Beautiful Soul." The song climbed charts around the country and has even been a hit in other countries. Find out how the two got the deal and what they are up to now.Read the full story

Passenger Profile: Shu

From Kenya to England to Brooklyn, Shu shares how being a world traveler helped him network as an independent artist and a TAXI member. Also find out how TAXI has helped Shu's career and how the Road Rally has helped him avoid mistakes as a performer.Read the full story

Member Deals Cool Stuff Industry News

Franktown, Colorado's John-Alex Mason signed a record deal with TayMusic_._._.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, an FX Network TV show, features songs from TAXI Members Barry Schleifer (Charlottesville, Virginia) and Dan Bowman (Louisville, Kentuky)_._._.

Robert Wuagneux, of Castleton, Vermont, scored a publishing deal with Transition Music Library_._._.

Win a Strat Signed by Crossfade

Win a trip to see Aerosmith.

Jason Flom is in the House at Virgin

Hot free agent goes for the glory and decides to run another major_._._.

Ashlee in Sync for #1 Debut

She's the picture of blonde ambition, as new album scales the heights_._._.

Wheels & Deals: The Trickle-Down Theory

How will changes in command at Sony BMG and Virgin impact their A&R Dept.?_._._.

Bulletin Board

Ray Charles releases, Tommy Lee won't go away, Jaz-Z may start new label, and more_._._.

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"I want to thank you for being instrumental in helping me obtain my deal, and I hope you and the TAXI staff continue the professional work and enthusiasm that make TAXI a great vehicle for many musicians."
— Ed Ferris,
TAXI Member