By Rachel Laskow

One night, TAXI member Wil Seabrook was doing a show at the Viper Room in Hollywood when a casting director from CBS's Rock Star: INXS asked him to help audition the house band. Wil impressed the people with his performance and they asked him to audition for the show.

In the new reality show, 15 contestants live together in a Hollywood Hills home, a contestant is eliminated each week, and the winner will become the new lead singer of INXS.

"The more I heard about it, the more I thought it would be a good opportunity, despite my concerns that I wasn't stylistically the right fit for the show," Wil said.

Wil's audition earned him a spot on the show, and although he left the show early on, he still thought the show was fun, interesting, and very professionally done. He also enjoyed spending time with the other contestants, learning from their experiences, and sharing his own.

"I learned that the other contestants are as amazing, diverse, and talented as you'd hope they would be, and the mutual support was a huge validation that artists need never be afraid to flow each other power. Wil said.

Wil also credits TAXI with helping his career.

"TAXI encouraged me to think outside the box. There are any number of ways to make a great living being a professional musician, and having resources that allow you to explore those options without feeling like you're reinventing the wheel is a huge and necessary support system for musicians who might otherwise feel like they're a lone voice in the wilderness," he said.

Now that he's finished the show, Wil is spending time releasing a new CD entirely online. You can find it at his Web site, He will also probably look for label/distribution opportunities for his new material.

"My dream has always been to reach millions with my music. In the digital age, there are more avenues than ever to explore," he said.

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