TAXI Member Laura Browne-Sorenson Does Country

By Kenny Kerner
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With Country music more popular than ever, and artists like Big & Rich, Brad Paisley, and Tim McGraw bringing it further into the mainstream, we thought it would be a nice idea to speak with someone who caters her original material to the Country audience. And Laura Browne-Sorenson does exactly that.

Laura comes from a musical family—of singers, not players! "I come from a musical family. We always sang around the house. My mom and dad always sang and my grandfather was in a barbershop quartet. And me and my sisters and my cousins actually started a band years ago. I play a little piano and a little guitar and some Irish drums but it's always been a vocal thing for us," she said.

Laura was in her high school's choir for four years and went to college for a year before leaving to "get a job and get into the real world." But she never abandoned singing. The band she's been with has been together for over 13 years: "We tour around and do college festivals and concerts."

To date, Laura and her band have released six CDs and have a Web site as well, but most of the band's sales are generated at live festival gigs. "We tour usually from February all through the summer and do about 30-50 gigs a year. We make a littler bit of money—enough to keep making new CDs. Not enough to really live on, but we're not losing money," she said.

Laura heard about TAXI from a friend of hers who joined earlier. The two spoke about the independent A&R company and she decided to give it a try. "I look at it as being pretty successful at TAXI in terms of getting forwards and getting a lot of great feedback. I really take the feedback to heart and read it all carefully. You always need to listen to other opinions. I've learned a lot from the critiques. TAXI has been very helpful," she said.

Laura contributes mostly country material to TAXI. Some of her favorite artists include Trisha Yearwood, Patty Griffin, and Emmylou Harris. "I guess my tastes run more toward the traditional artists. I also like a lot of non-Country artists as well," she said.

Although Laura hasn't concluded any deals yet, she still sings the praises of TAXI: "I've met some incredible people through TAXI and learned a lot about my craft as a songwriter. They help you hone your skills. TAXI is a huge foot in the door. My stuff has been in front of people that I never had hopes of getting it to. And at this point I feel that it's only a matter of time. Before it would have been pretty impossible.

Taking advantage of all that TAXI offers its members, Laura attended last year's Road Rally and is still raving about it: "They had so many great speakers there. [Although she did manage to miss my thrilling, inspirational speech. -Ed/KK] There are all different types of people there and you really get to see the ones who get out there and work the crown and try to make connections. I'm a little more reserved but I still took it all in and learned a lot."

It's getting toward summer and that means a lot more tour dates for Laura and her band. "We're putting together the dates now but as far as the writing is concerned, I'm trying to write as many songs as I can. I just want to make it clear that TAXI has been a very positive thing and that you really need to pay attention and listen to the feedback and not be close-minded about it," she said.

Regardless of what kind of songs you write, you can always count on TAXI to help expose you material to the pros out there in the industry who will give you objective feedback that could make you a stronger writer.

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