Answered by: Michael Laskow
I am considering signing up with you as a songwriter. I have written songs in English and Spanish. I would like to know how your connections to the Latino music market are. Furthermore, could I suggest an artist I have in mind for a particular song, and would you be able to try and make a connection? Please reply.

Thank you very much.


Hi Alex,

I'm really glad you asked about the Latino market. We've always had a few Latino listings that show up here and there. But we've never gone after the market in a big way... that is until now. I've recently hired some Latino A&R staffers and have begun to develop strong connections with Latino labels and publishers. I was just introduced to the president of Universal Latin a week ago, and he said, "Boy oh boy, my head of A&R is going to love you guys." So expect to see more Latino listings heading your way in the very near future—lots of them.

As to your second question, if every one of our members could suggest who they would like us to pitch their music to, we would have to have 10,000 song pluggers under our roof each running a different direction to the member they represent. Make that multiple directions for each member. The reason TAXI works so well is that we bring the marketplace to you, rather than forcing you to chase the marketplace.

I receive listings from TAXI but I am not yet a member. If I join and submit a song for a particular listing, will the screener consider it for other listings also? For example, a song may not be suitable for the particular listing I submit for but be ideal for some listing I missed.

Would the screener maybe suggest that I submit for another listing?


Andrew Scott

Dear Andrew,

The answer to your question is a qualified "yes." And the word qualified is heavily underlined. We don't promise to take every submission from our members and re-categorize and re-submit, but... on the rare occasion that a screener is working on a listing for Country female singers on Wednesday and a submission doesn't fit, however, the same screener could have worked on another listing on Tuesday that the song was a perfect fit for. The screener does have the ability to contact the member and "relocate" the submission. Our A&R staff is trained to do this, but a few stars have to line up in order for it to happen. Therefore, I have to stress, that it probably only happens 2-3% of the time.


I was wondering if you could also publish a version of the listing in date order (perhaps on the Web site). I presume you keep the listings in some sort of a database (perhaps even as simple as a spreadsheet). Any chance the listings would be made available as a download?


J. Oscar

Dear J.,

Following up on your question from last month, I don't have an answer that's going to make you happy. We've looked into presenting our listings in a sortable fashion to our members for a while now. But frankly we've got bigger and more important fish to fry before we solve that problem for you. The good news is that some of the fish we're frying include steps to the solution you're looking for, so hang in there and for now, just know that the listings show up in chronological order and you might have to spend five more minutes looking through them than if you sorted them in other ways.

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