And the Winner Is . . .

By Rachel Laskow
Taxi Member Wins Pro Tools One day last summer 18-year-old Aaron Markley and his friends had a problem with one of their recordings. Just joking around, he thought, "How about I just win this ProTools contest that TAXI is having, then we won't have to worry about this problem anymore."

Aaron entered TAXI's ProTools contest, but never thought he would win. When he got the phone call telling him he won, he was shocked. In fact, he even forgot he entered.

"When I got the call, I thought it was one of my friends messing with me. After a couple seconds though it clicked and I remembered about the contest," he said.

The Omaha, Nebraska, musician has been playing locally with various groups for almost two years. But his real dream is to major in sound engineering at University of Omaha. And ProTools will be an important addition to his home studio.

"Since I plan on becoming a sound engineer, knowing ProTools is going to be very key," he said.

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