Australian Songwriter Darren Moss Gets His Song Placed on a Major Network Television Show

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Imagine being a songwriter in a place far removed from American television. Then imagine that one of your songs has been used in a network TV show, and that you're growing your fan base, selling CD's, and collecting royalties as a result. That is a pretty good place to be, whether you are a full-time songwriter or trying to earn some extra money on the side, isn't it?

Well, if you're Darren Moss from Australia, you are living proof that hard work and determination pay off, and that these things can happen to you. And if you are a member of TAXI, your chances for that type of success are greater, even if you live in a remote location.

Moss' song, "The Real Me," recently aired on the NBC show The Biggest Loser through a deal with Skip Adams of Global Graffiti that he secured after having his music forwarded through TAXI. Though the song itself was not forwarded, Moss credits TAXI with helping him to build the relationship that resulted in the placement. "I'm pretty certain I wouldn't have ever met Skip except through TAXI," he says. "I'm in Australia, he's in Los Angeles."

One of the other reasons for Moss' success is that TAXI has directly impacted the level of his songwriting. "My songs," he says, "would not have been strong enough to be forwarded without the critiques I received from TAXI's A&R staff the first time around."

So after all of the submissions, critiques, writes and rewrites, forwards and eventually, song deals, Moss finally got the call from Adams that "The Real Me" was submitted and chosen for The Biggest Loser. Not only that, but viewers of the show have been seeking his music out through NBC's website, and the song has already aired on the show four times, with repeat episodes airing on the USA Network and more planned for a global audience. "I've now found out that The Biggest Loser is going to play here in Australia," says Moss. "And possibly other countries. So the story continues!"

You can learn more about Darren, and hear some of his music, at his Web site:

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"TAXI is the best listening audience that one could hope for. These guys have valuable insight into music and are very helpful with their criticisms. I am establishing some great contacts and yes, I have signed a couple of tunes to a publisher."
— Stu Brown,
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