By Mike Farley

Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Johnny Young has toured with former Rolling Stones member Mick Taylor and has written music for four television shows, including The Guiding Light, for which he won an Emmy Award. So why would someone like Young join a company like TAXI? "I've always been a songwriter," he says. "And TAXI's been good to try and get placements." In other words, this is not someone who rests on his laurels. Since joining TAXI in 1998, Young has had songs placed in the independent films Project Utah and The Young Unknowns. He has had fourteen rock songs signed to publisher Global Graffiti, six jazz tunes picked up by Munchkin Studios for placement on the Weather Channel and Muzak, and two blues songs licensed to Editor's Choice Music.

One of the other reasons for joining TAXI is for Young to try and secure a deal with an indie label for his band, Bloodroot. And while TAXI has given him good advice and guidance with that, he said that the annual Road Rally is always a breeding ground for making new contacts and forging relationships with industry types. "There's always something you can learn," he says. "Each year you can pick up tips on songwriting, or relearning things you might have forgotten." Also, Young is a full-time musician and recording engineer, but says he is not making the living he wants to be making yet and that's also where TAXI comes in.

For the newer TAXI members or those that do not take advantage of as many listings as they could, consider that Young has three separate Broadjam accounts to host his music, which includes the various genres as well as instrumentals. The message there is to keep writing and keep submitting, because there are opportunities out there for everyone. And in the case of those members who get forwarded and do not hear anything right away, it is worth noting that Young's deal with Global Graffiti took six or seven months until the deal materialized. "You've just got to be patient, really," he says.

While success has not exactly eluded Young throughout his music career, he has used the critiques from TAXI to continuously improve his songwriting. "No more one-minute intros," he joked. He has also re-worked and re-written some of his songs based on the critiques in order to make his music more radio-friendly. "You've got to come to grips with the fact that the end result should be to get something on the radio," he adds. "Otherwise why would a label have any interest in you?" And while Young has not landed that label deal just yet, his persistence as well has his constant desire to improve and build upon his previous success, should provide an example for TAXI members everywhere.

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"I have spent my life playing and singing in bands and this is the most real thing I have ever seen."
— Dwight Nichols,
TAXI Member

"In this competitive field you need all the help you can get and with TAXI, you've got a friend in the music business."
— Richard Scotti,
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