Bulletin: Country Star LeAnn Rimes "Holds" TAXI Members' Song

LeAnn Rimes Taxi Music
As we told you in the September 2003 issue of the Transmitter (don't forget to check out all previous Transmitters) Shannon Penn and David Young's song "If You Didn't Try" was placed on "hold" for Faith Hill's upcoming record.

Par for the course in Nashville, the song came off hold a few weeks later, but it was immediately snapped up and put on hold again by producers for LeAnn Rimes next project.

This just goes to show how tough it is to get songs cut in Nashville. The planets really have to align perfectly for a song (even a great song) to get cut.

Of course, we think it's perfect for LeAnn, but we'll have to wait and see. Good luck Shannon and David!

Listen to "If You Didn't Try" here:

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