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The Internet: Music Biz Savior or Killer

By Kenny Kerner

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Velvet Revolver is the name of RCA Records' band featuring former Stone Temple Pilots' singer Scott Weiland and GNR members Slash, Duff McKagan, Matt Sorum and Suicidal Tendencies' David Kushner. Band is currently in the studio with producer Bob Ezrin. Expect a February, 2004 release for their debut CD.

Red Hot Chili Peppers are putting the finishing touches on their forthcoming Greatest Hits package due out in November. Set will include two or three new tracks being produced by Rick Rubin.

The new Limp Bizkit CD finally has a title-Results May Vary. According to frontman Fred Durst, "you have to listen to the CD from beginning to end because there are some surprises I put in there." Will someone tell Fred that we usually do listen from beginning to end! Set will have 16 new songs.

American Idols Ruben Stoddard and Clay Aiken are set to release their debut CDs. Stoddard's is called Soulful and will be out on November 11th on J Records, while Aiken's should be hitting retail stores as we speak.

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Reprinted with permission from Hits Magazine

WARNER CHAPPELL LOOKING FOR WEDDING?: Warner Chappell is being prepped for auction by investment bank Morgan Stanley, according to the New York Post. Morgan Stanley is working on a book of the companies finances to send out to interested parties, including private equity firms and Sony Music. Warner Chappell is valued at approximately $1.2 billion. So if you've got that kind of cash laying around, call Morgan Stanley. (9/30a)

KAZAA TRAFFIC MIRRORING RECORD SALES: Only 3.9 people used Kazaa for the week ending Sept. 21, according to Nielsen/NetRatings. Oh, wait. 3.9 million people. Still that's down 41% from the 6.5 million who used it in the week ending June 29. Maybe suing people is working. Or maybe people have swapped every single song that's ever been ripped into MP3 and their hard drives are full. (9/30a)

HITS magazine is the most powerful information vehicle in the music industry, and is read religiously by all the top executives and everyone else.

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Reprinted with permission from Hits Magazine

September 30, 2003

A just-released report from UK-based research firm Informa Media is full of the kind of good news/bad news that makes it a joy to read things like research reports from UK-based research firms.

First, the good news, since chances are you won't keep reading long enough to see the bad news: global internet music sales, including CDs from net retailers such as Amazon and song downloads from and Apple's iTunes, will grow to $3.9 billion worldwide by 2008. Those dollars would represent nearly 12% of all music sales. Last year sales from the net brought in $1.1 billion.

But first it giveth, then it taketh away. The report also says that lost sales because of CD-burning and P2P sharing will rise in the same timeframe to $4.7 billion. Last year, according to Informa Media, those twin evils cost the biz $2.4 billion.

Says Simon Dyson, the author of the brilliantly titled report Music on the Internet: The reason we're so downbeat is we think the peer-to-peer problem is going to only get worse."

The report also makes note that P2P networks are popping up in Russian and Chinese languages, meaning file-sharing is already taking off in emerging markets.

Don't worry, everything is going to be fine.

HITS magazine is the most powerful information vehicle in the music industry, and is read religiously by all the top executives and everyone else.

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