Composer-Songwriter Matt Hirt Generates $26,345 Using TAXI and Simple Home Studio
He has built a lucrative musical career out of his house, using TAXI and a simple home recording set-up. His TAXI placements and deals have netted him over $26,345 so far . . .Read the full story

Listen to "Great Wall Sunrise"

Listen to "Moon Over Bangkok"

Keith Urban Puts Song by TAXI Member Carolyn Arends on 'Hold'

The country star has placed "Part of Me" on hold for consideration for his next album. Hit Artist/Writer and TAXI Member Carolyn Arends, wrote the song . . .Read the full story

Listen to "Part of Me"

(Ralph) Murphy's Laws:
A Look at the #1 Songs of 2002

Based on last year's numbers, what's your best shot for getting a #1 record this year? Considering the fact that two-thirds of the #1s in 2002 were not written or co-written by the artist, roll up your sleeves . . .Read the full story

Member Deals Profile Industry News

Tom Kujath and Glenn Brittain signed a Publishing deal with Christmas and Holiday Music_._._.

MTV's Punk'd, Real World, Road Rules; NBC's Starting Over, and film American Crime featured songs by Skaie Zoe_._._.

Dan Caravetta is getting lots of action from Studio Cutz Library. "Since February, I've received about $1,500 in licensing royalties_._._._"

Give the Drummer Some!

During her second week of sending in material to TAXI, she received her first Forward. "As well as opening doors for me, TAXI is a good way for me to learn. Writing for various styles, the pressure, the deadlines_._._._I learned from all of it."

Noteworthy Music News

TAXI's convention, new album releases due from Velvet Revolver, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Limp Bizkit and American Idols Ruben Stoddard and Clay Aiken_._._.

Rumor Mill

Publishing major Warner Chappell is up for sale. Got $1.2 billion lying around? And traffic on Kazaa was down to only 3.9 million people last month_._._.

The Internet: Music Biz Savior or Killer

Music sales are up on the 'Net, but so is music piracy due to CD-burning and P2P networks_._._.



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"I want to thank you for being instrumental in helping me obtain my deal, and I hope you and the TAXI staff continue the professional work and enthusiasm that make TAXI a great vehicle for many musicians."
— Ed Ferris,
TAXI Member