Superstar Faith Hill puts TAXI Members' Song on 'Hold'

Faith Hill Taxi Music
TAXI Members Shannon Penn and David Young have a pretty hot iron in the fire right now. The A&R person and president at Faith Hill's label have put their song, "If You Didn't Try" on "hold" for Faith's upcoming album.

TAXI got the song to Faith's A&R person who immediately responded by putting it on hold. He then played it for the label president who shared his enthusiasm for the song.

Those of you who know Nashville might be saying, "oh great, one of three thousand songs on hold for Faith" ... but not this time. "If You Didn't Try" is on a very short list of songs that are being delivered from the company president directly to Faith and her producers.

Final decisions will be made when Faith finishes filming her role in "The Stepford Wives" later this summer, but we've got our fingers crossed for this wonderful song with the strong, hopeful message.

Listen to it here:

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