Congratulations go out to TAXI member Elizabeth Elkins, whose song "Deception Bay 2001" recently won the Grand Prize in the Rock category of the John Lennon Song Contest. Elizabeth, the vocalist/guitarist for well-known Atlanta, GA alternative quartet Alastor, says TAXI critiques she received on early versions of the song helped her achieve the award.

But Elizabeth and Alastor are not resting on their laurels. With a handful of television placements (The WB's "Roswell" Season One DVD, MTV, Discovery Channel) and a video directed by Kip Bissell (All American-Rejects, American Hi-Fi), Alastor is living up to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's description of the group as "Atlanta's most powerful combo."

Alastor has also garnered radio success with their album Late Night Plays, which is #17 on FMBQ's Top Twenty Album chart, #16 on The Album Network's Top 25 chart, and # 16 on U.N.C.L.E.s chart.

The band hits the road this summer on select dates of the Vans Warped Tour, as well as being a featured performer at the NAMM Summer Session in Nashville. You can find out more about Alastor, watch their video and hear some of their songs on their Web site at

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