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CD and DVD manufacturing made easy.
A little CD store with the best new independent music.

Guarantees the lowest prices on every brand of musical equipment.

Audio and video hosting, encoding and Web-casting: Real, Windows Media, Quicktime.

Manufactures Avery® compatible laser and inkjet labels for all printers.

They create a custom designed plaque for your CD, so you can display it
A great place for songwriters, musicians, and industry professionals to find what they need.

Main Links

Use the categories on the right to get to our hundreds of links to helpful sites. All sites are briefly explained so you can determine which ones might be useful to you.

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Bands and Artists
From hip-hop to hard bop, smooth jazz to punk, a plethora of talent.

Sellers of musical instruments, pro audio equipment, and other gear.

List of many different kinds of resources on the Web, including lessons, gig venues, writer and musician aids and more.

Duplication, Mastering
Places to get your tapes and CDs finished, printed and ready for distribution.

Improve your art with online lessons, instructional tapes and videos, etc.

Whatever doesn't fit into the other categories!

Articles, stats, lists, tips and more on many different subjects.

Both the online and offline varieties, for bands, musicians, fans, producers, and more.

Makers of guitars, drums, basses, keyboards, amps, effects, cases, strings and other accessories, and all related products.

Music Schools
Want to get a bit more formal about your education? Check out what these have to offer.

Record Labels
From small to mid-sized independents, to some of the majors.

Record Stores
Where you can buy music — or possibly get your material placed for sale.

Recording Studios, U.S.
Places within the United States to make your demo or master recording. Organized by state.
Recording Studios, Int'l
Places outside the United States to make your demo or master recording. Organized by country.

Services: A & R
Companies and organizations that work to get you deals.

Services: Booking
Agents, companies and Web sites that set you up with gigs.

Services: General
Companies that provide services not listed in the other categories.

Services: Management, Promo
Need a manager or a publicist? Here are some possibilities.

Services: Production
They can make your video, create a soundtrack, record your project and more.

Services: Web, Multimedia
They can help you out with development, hosting, production, etc. on the Internet.

Programs for MIDI, sound capture, composing, education, recording, effects, and many more tasks.

Songwriter Associations
Find support with other like-minded people in your area.

Browse through a list of songwriters.

Songwriting Resources
Web sites offering products, services or inspiration to the craft.

Supplies and Suppliers
Equipment, books, sound-loops, cases, display units, accessories, and more.

Unsigned Showcases
Places where you can post your music to be heard.

Web Radio Stations
Stations that broadcast music and music-related show over the internet.


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— Roger Yeardley,
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— Bob Kroeger,
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