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Access N Sight: attractive furniture for guitar display and use. Guitar collection case, coffee table display case, wall showcase, triple hanger and more. Take a look at a new way to live with guitars!

Action Custom Straps: custom guitar, camera, and saxophone straps. Handmade with garment leather; many featuring exotic inlays

Alison Guitars: custom handmade guitars, bases and violins, as well as string instrument repair and reconstruction

Austin Custom Cases: ATA-style flight cases, custom-built to order

Axis Research: since 1994 they have been providing guitarists throughout North America with the Fuzz Faze+

BassLab: custom guitars and basses

Black Diamond Sound Systems: a professional-level editing program that contains all of the essential features actually used by professional studio engineers, and that is reliable, inexpensive, and easy to use

Broadcast Consoles: ADT Audio offers a full range of analog broadcast consoles and on-air mixers

Bunker Guitars: a company whose persistent research has led to the development of many advances in guitar and bass design, and even a completely new instrument, the "Touch Guitar(tm)"

Burnstone Custom Guitars: capturing that great tone that comes from using a combination of the best materials like ash, alder, and comparable bodies, nitrocellulose lacquer finishes, great pickups, pots, switches, jacks and more

Button Maker by distributor of button maker systems along with supplies and other equipment. Each button maker includes a circle cutter, instructions, free buttons, and more. Make money and promote your band with buttons.

Carlsbro Electronics Limited: world class PA and amplification systems

Case World: re-usable shipping case containers for all industries, including production companies, airlines, schools, military, medical facilities and many more

Concert Design: our focus is the health of the musician. Our performance chairs are specifically designed for every musician in the orchestra, bass, timpani, harp, piano, chairs that are truly ergonomic, multi-adjustable for height, gradient and back support

Daisy Rock Guitars: will inspire girls to learn how to play guitar because these guitars are made especially for them

Dangerous Music: manufactures pro audio equipment tailored to today's DAW-based recording and mastering studios

Devon, The Custom Bass Guitar: specializing in some of the finest bass guitars available, they handcraft each instrument as a work of art

Digital Audio Denmark
: producers of high-end AD/DA Converters

Donald's Drums: located in Oregon, they make and sell all types of drums to Pros, or those who've just joined their first drum circle

The Drummstick: a percussion controller invented by E. Doctor Smith in June of 1995, which utilizes his patented design created with drumming and percussion in mind. With the Drummstick and a MIDI drum module, one can access a variety of musical, and digital sounds, like samples, chords, drum kits, world instruments, sound effects, and more!

Dynaudio Acoustics: offering a wide range of products from nearfield and midfield speakers to active and passive speakers

Eastman Guitars: making tomorrow's heirloom instruments today!

Eastern Acoustic Works: loudspeaker systems including integrated signal processing

Edenhaus Guitars: hand-built guitars and basses with the utmost attention to unsurpassed quality, craftmanship and performance. They also offer Fender replacement parts

Electric Violin Lutherie: makers of high quality 4 and 5 string electric violins

Ellis Guitars: beautiful handcrafted acoustic guitars made in Australia. Also supplies parts and accessories including strings, machines, electronic tuners, capos, pickups and bridge pins!

F Bass: fat, natural sound, superb feel, exciting new look, comfortable balance and light weight. Built for today's players with the feel of great vintage basses


Flight Form Cases: custom-designed musical instrument, ATA, transit, shipping, tool and attache cases, shipping crates, and more

Fouke Industrial Guitars: For lovers of sustain, tone and a near bullet-proof construction, check out these custom-made aluminum and poly industrial guitars. Each one a different, and one-of-a-kind, made from your parts guitar, or custom-tailored to your needs


Gila Mountain Dulcimers
: amazing handcrafted mountain dulcimers with a southwest flair. Links, festivals, an online store, artists, performers, free lessons, clubs, music, and much more

Glockenspiel in Munich
Glockenspiel Musical Instrument: the glockenspiel is a percussion instrument, and is similar to the xylophone. The xylophone's bars are wooden, while the glockenspiel's are metal, thus making it a metallophone

GMW Guitarworks: specializing in building custom guitars and basses, painting, refinishing and repairs and/or custom modificatons of existing client instruments

Guitar Gifts 4 U: personalized guitar straps - have embroidered your name or band name on the guitar strap. it is affordable, cool, and professional looking. Purchase two or more and receive a discount. Free shipping in the USA and Canada

Huiras Instruments Internationale: guitar and violin maker, and creator of exotically hand-crafted instruments and works of art begun some years ago in Avon Indiana in a simple single room shack. It wasn’t long before Indiana Guitar Company (Ely’s business as he calls it now) deversified and added Banjos, Fiddles, Mandolins,Microphones, Cases, speaker cabinets and a whole bunch of other things.

Innovative Quality Software: developers of the award-winning SAW digital audio editing/mixing product line

James Basses: designed to provide the ultimate in musical satisfaction. Each instrument is hand-made based on selected or custom-designed body styles, choice of woods, and other options to make it pure and simply the best for you and your style

JetSlide: a unique handmade guitar slide, that you can move in and out of position while playing

Jubilee Music Instruments: builder of folk music instruments and crafts

L.A. Kidwell Musical Instruments: specializes in the design and construction of unique custom built electric basses and guitars.


Lee Jackson: manufacturer of high quality tube guitar and bass amplifiers, cabinets and effects

Lone Star Guitars: hand crafted, quality guitars made in the Mexican village of Paracho from some of the finest woods. Each guitar has its own unique styling and beautiful inlay craftsmanship

Mallion — The World's Most Dangerous Violins: they're made from the tradional woods and steel, and are a unique culmination and balance of beauty, technology, weaponry and, perhaps sadism

Media Box: audio/video workstation software

MJ Guitar Engineering: building guitars that are completely unique, from the headstock down to the contours of their bodies

Moonstone Guitars: founded by Steve Helgeson, has been producing some of the worlds finest hand-crafted acoustic, electric and bass guitars for nearly 30 years beautiful handmade studio racks, made to order, at fantastic prices

Opti-Case: catering to its clients with a one-on-one approach, giving special attention to each minute detail, whether it be an order of a single case or multi hundred order

Paschini Custom Guitars: custom hand made electric and acoustic guitars that are one of a kind, precision instruments hand made from the finest materials available

Rane Corporation: designs and manufactures professional equalizers, compressors, crossovers, mixers, amplifiers and digital processors with emphasis on usability, sound quality and dependability

Rhythm Tech: over 20 years of the world's most unique percussion instruments and drum accessories

RJS Custom Percussion: custom-made drums and percussion that sound as great as they look


RS Guitars: custom "Brian May Red Special" style guitars built to order

R.W. Designs: makers of the "Consolette", a pro MIDI controller pedalboard designed to fit into B-3 organs, or sit on the floor to expand an existing rig's versatility

SAS Audio Labs: handmade 2-stage all triode SETs, 3-stage push-pull amplifiers, and tube preamplifiers

Sfarzo Strings: developed what they consider to be the best possible guitar string for professional guitarists, while meeting the needs of all types of guitar players - beginners to "star" players

Sheppard Guitars: designs and uses the best materials to build the finest quality grand-concert and grand-auditorium instruments for fingerstyle guitarists. Check out the site's excellent photos

Sherman Custom Guitars: are made in the USA. Each guitar is built to order and feature the multi-patented, high-performance Sherman® Tremolo System

Solid-State Logic: the world's leading manufacturer of automated mixing consoles and digital post-production systems for film and television

Spector: high-quality 4 and 5-string basses

Spirit Drums: makers of the world's most responsive true solid shell wooden drums; the ultimate solid shell custom snare drums and kits

Stage Straps: Custom belts and guitar straps; studded leather; famous customers. "Where belts and guitar straps are elevated to an art form"

Stu Box Guitar: a unique type of 12-string touch style electric guitar which is now in production and played by guitarists around the world

Terrapin Guitars: guitar pick guards with custom imprinted images. Select from our stock artwork or provide your own image

Timtone Custom Guitars: one of the best custom electric luthiers in the world

TopHat Amplifiers: hand built, point-to-point circuit, high performance tube amplifiers with all the tone imaginable. Special design speaker cabinets make for the best guitar sound possible. TopHat Amplifiers are made virtually bullet-proof in America with pride and old-school craftsmanship. Best of all, they sound great!

Trick Percussion Products: they have created a drum set which is truly state of the art. With Trick drums you have more versatility in the pursuit of your own "signature" sound

Tubetec Analogue Electronics: modern valve circuitry that can produce the warmth and beauty of the vintage valve sound but with the precision, clarity and fast response of modern transistor equipment

Vintage Logos: the musical drummer's logo authority. Add vintage style and character to your drum set with shield style logos, drum company logos, specialty logos and more. They also offer Application Service and can apply the logos to a bass drum head

Voice Crystal
: music synthesizer, sampler, MIDI and multimedia products



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