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Ace High: converter software designed for batches of mp3, wav, wma, ogg vorbis files from one format to another on-the-fly. It also supports editing mp3 id3 tags and normalzing wavs

Anvil Studio: a free Windows program for multi-track recording, composing, and editing of music using audio, MIDI, and sampled percussion. Effects include delay, pitch change, volume change, filtering, and DirectX Audio plugins

Aspire Software: voice-to-note MIDI music composition software reviews and free downloads of audio grabber software. Audio grabbers including CD to mp3 ripper, cd to mp3 maker, alto mp3 maker, audio mp3 maker, easy cd ripper, and more

Audio MP3 Sound Recorder: capture any sound through your sound card into MP3 or WAV audio

Audiotoolers: audio software, tools and utilities for conversion, playback, DJ mixing, CD audio extraction, sound editing and more

Audio Ware: free download audio software including CD ripper, burner, mp3 converter, wma, midi and mp3 management

The Band Leader: powerful bookkeeping software that makes taking care of business easy and fun for musicians, managers, band leaders, etc.

Black Diamond Sound Systems: offers state of the art music software for musicians, audiophiles, post-production engineers, Web page and Internet streaming providers, game programmers, and multimedia presentation managers

Cakewalk: the industry-leading provider of software for creating music and sound on the desktop experience the new world of digital audio

CD Burner Software: burn mp3 or wav to CD audio. Download MP3 CD Maker or MP3 CD Converter to start mp3 to CD burning

CD Looper: Software for players, teachers and students. For learning solos and songs, transcriptions and analysis

CD Recording Software: a tremendous collection of information and resources for digital audio, multitracking, editing and CD burning

ChordWizard: the definitive reference software for guitar, bass guitar, banjo, mandolin, ukulele and all other 4/5/6 stringed instruments

Digital Sound Planet: developing audio and music production software and providing services for the musicians

Drumtrax: the most complete library of MIDI file drum patterns on the planet!

DSP-FX Visual Pro Audio: a state-of-the-art effects processing system for professional audio applications unique music software tools -- available to download -- for digital mucisians to generate, compose, edit, compress, play and DJ

Gracenote Software: home of Musician's Manage for Windows, software to manage the business of musicians. Mailing lists, set lists, income, expenses, inventory and more!

Guitar Book: learning software that includes thousands of chord, arpeggio, and scale diagrams with full sound; chords, arpeggios, and scales that can be printed on your printer; a chord design feature; and much more

Guitarmaster: affordable Windows software produces MIDI files and guitar tablature directly from the melodies and chord sequences you play into your sound card. No additional hardware required. Free demo available produces original loop libraries featuring guitar and bass

Hitsquad: home of the Shareware Music Machine--the largest music software site on the Net

Lyricist: the ultimate lyricist tool designed for songwriters and poets

LyricPro Software For Songwriters: store titles; write lyrics; use the unique Slant-Rhyme dictionary; keep track of publishers and submissions; create Nashville number charts and more music, MIDI and audio on Macintosh

Master Writer: the ultimate collection of writing tools for the songwriting professional. You'll never look at a blank page again

: If you're searching for the best music creativity tools and Windows audio applications, check out Midisoft MP3 software and tutorials for CD ripping, MP3 converting, audio mixing and burning MP3s to CD
: MP3 music lovers CAN enjoy popular MP3 software including CD rippers, MP3 CD burners, MP3 converters, and more

MP3-Converter: many MP3 conversion software products, as well as players and other MP3 resources MP3 converter software directories

Musical Computers: builder of custom PC systems for audio and MIDI applications. If you are looking for a great computer for your music and recording needs, visit this site for a quote on a custom package. Complete pre-configured MIDI/digital audio workstations, including software and hardware, are available as well

Musicrow Reaktor Ensembles and VSTi: Musicrow Audio Software Boutique develops unique pro audio software, reaktor ensembles and VSTi

Mystik Media: produces award-winning multimedia and graphics software for viewing, converting, editing and processing of all audio, video and graphics formats

: features the hippest production tools for music programmers, dance producers and DJs! Focus on the development of clever music construction kits and professional drum loops for building professional tracks. Remix heaven - inspiration and creative control

n-Track Studio: multitrack recording software with support for realtime effects through DirectX plug-ins, audio and MIDI tracks, 24 bit soundcards and more

PlanetGriff: home of Griff, the pocket audio studio for PocketPCs; incorporating sequencing, sampling, synths, effects and a mixer. It has a plug-in architecture allowing developers to create new instruments and effects; and can export to WAV audio and MIDI files

Proware Audio: has music and recording software, digital plug-ins, video software, processors, keyboards, mixers, recorders, speakers, microphones, digital hard disk systems, midi, & more

QuantumPortal Tapestry Wizard: a new way to compose music combining telecommunications engineering with music theory. Expect the unexpected!

Seer Systems: makers of software synthesizers for the PC, as well as a tool for making music available on the Internet with no audio compression and multitrack capabilities

Spring Of Knowledge: world class learn guitar and bass guitar instruction DVD software for serious musicians: Guitar Magic, Bass Magic, GM - Picking & Rhythm

Slow Gold: become a better player or singer quickly by learning directly from the legendary performances that are already in your CD collection -- with SlowGold and SlowBlast; a Windows software slows down recorded music with incredible fidelity, so you can hear and learn every note

Songwriting Software: for writing, recording and promoting your songs plus related resources to help you better write and present your songs

Sonic Implants: creators of high quality, low cost, soundfonts and sound libraries for your PC and synthesizers. Free Soundfonts available. Hear it before you buy it

SoundTrek: home of the JAMMER line of music composition and MIDI sequencer software for Windows -- products designed help you quickly and easily compose, record, edit and arrange music on your PC

Ultra Player: Ultra is a leading developer of software and services for the online music market. Their free UltraPlayer(tm) MP3 Audio Software equips consumers with the power to enhance their audio-visual pleasure and provides commercial partners with innovative tools for stimulating web traffic

Virsonix: Dsp gurus and creators of the BBE Sonic Maximizer plugin which allows you to get that great BBE sound on all of your mixes without leaving the digital domain

Virtual Sheet Music: classical sheet music downloads. You score instantly on your computer!

Website Music Player - Platinum Edition: sell your music online with this easy to use website flash music player. Take online credit card payments and deliver your songs automatically. You set the price, you're in control.

WMA MP3 Recorder: real-time sound recorder with mp3, wma, ape, Ogg Vorbis and wav support royalty -free software for music biz administration, A&R, copyright and licensing purposes


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