By Michael Laskow

Most of you are already doing Master Quality work (by film and TV standards), you just don't know it! We get tons of calls and letters from members who feel that their recordings aren't "good enough." But alas, they probably are!

Most people seem to think that Master Quality requires you to have recorded your song in a professional studio with 24 or more "digital" tracks, and that the final mix needs to be "mastered".

While that would be true if you were making a record for a major label, it's NOT true for what Film and TV people need. They simply need a good, clean recording. You DO NOT need to go to a pro studio, have a live string section, tons of bells and whistles, or a mastering session for your songs.

You might actually be surprised to learn that the majority of songs that are placed in film and TV projects through TAXI have been recorded in home studios on 8-tracks - some even on 4 tracks!

It's really not about where you recorded the song, or how many tracks it's on, as much as having a nicely balanced mix with the vocal featured enough that the lyrics can be heard (assuming that they're not looking for an instrumental track).

To make all this even more clear, we've put some tracks on our Web site (that have been done in fairly basic home studios) for you to check out.

To help make our opportunities for Film and TV less foreboding, we will be using the term "Broadcast Quality" from now on. Please take a few minutes to listen to the examples we've posted on our site.