by Jeff and Todd Brabec

A successful method of promotion used by music publishers and other representatives of songwriters is to provide a television series producer or music supervisor with a list of songs that can be used without any problems.

Because many compositions may be somewhat difficult to clear for television use (because the songwriters or their estates have approval rights over such uses, reversions have occurred, there are territorial restrictions such as a publisher only having United States rights, or there are a large number of copyright owner/music publishers who control a song and all have to be consulted including the writers for certain uses), producers will many times discourage the use of such songs in favor of songs for which they can receive immediate permission.

Consequently, if a producer has been provided with an extensive list of "precleared/no-problem" songs, a preference is many times given to such songs, if only because of the immediacy of the approval process—an important factor in a business that, unlike the choosing of songs for motion pictures, is under substantial time restraints to get quick and definitive answers.

Certain series not only have a list of precleared compositions and masters, but also have precleared prices from the music publishers and record companies and other parties who represent songs in this area.

© 2007 Jeff Brabec, Todd Brabec
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