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Here's How We Help You...

TAXI delivers those targeted opportunities right to your front door.

Record labels, Publishers, Music Libraries and Film & TV Music Supervisors tell us what kind of Songs, Instrumental Tracks and Artists they currently need - then we tell you. When you see a match for your music, send it to us, and our A&R team will pre-screen it for the company that needs it.

If your music is on-target and great, we send it to them. Your music becomes solicited because it came from a trusted industry source (that's us!)

You'll get about 100 different opportunities every month and they come in nearly every genre you can think of - Rock, Pop, Country, Adult Contemporary, Modern Rock, Jazz, Film/TV, New Age, Instrumental, and just about any other style you'd commonly hear on the radio, in movies, TV shows, video games and commercials.

Thousands of independent songwriters, artists and composers have made Record Deals, Publishing Deals, Film & TV Music Licensing Deals and countless Sync Placements using TAXI.

Plus, we have a FREE, members-only convention where you'll get to listen to, learn from and mingle with many of the industry’s top decision makers.

Thousands of Songwriters, Artists, and Composers come from all over the world to network with Music Industry Decision Makers and each other at the TAXI Road Rally.

"I was told that Rally would be a life-changing experience, and it proved to be absolutely true."-Adriana Lycette

Want to Meet Top Music Industry Executives Face-to-Face?

You'll get plenty of chances at our FREE, members-only convention, the Road Rally. Other music conventions cost as much as $600 per person. When you become a TAXI member, you'll get TWO FREE tickets to what many people think is the very best convention of its kind. That's a $1,200 value that you get FREE with your TAXI membership!

Join us at the Rally and meet top Film & TV Music Supervisors, Production Music Library Executives, Music Publishers, Multi-Platinum Producers, Hit Songwriters, Music Marketing Experts, and A&R Executives from Major and Indie Labels. We carefully select panelists, teachers, and mentors who will give you honest answers without the ego and the "hipper-than-you"" attitude you'll find at other conventions.

If you want to network or collaborate with other musicians and songwriters, our convention will feel like Heaven on Earth. The people who come to the Rally are world famous for being warm, unbelievably inclusive, and incredibly generous. It's such a powerful weekend you literally won't want it to end.

Hollywood Trailer Music Supervisor Naaman Snell takes a look at a CD given to him by TAXI Member Al Sanchez.
Hollywood Trailer Music Supervisor Naaman Snell takes a look at a CD given to him by TAXI Member Al Sanchez.
Hollywood Film Music Supervisor Beth Amy Rosenblatt takes CDs from a member after the amazing Music Supervisor Listening and Q&A Panel held on Saturday at the TAXI Road Rally.
Hollywood Film Music Supervisor Beth Amy Rosenblatt takes CDs from a member after the amazing Music Supervisor Listening and Q&A Panel held on Saturday at the TAXI Road Rally.

You Keep All The Money!

If you strike a deal and make a gazillion dollars, you'll keep a gazillion dollars. No percentages or publishing splits go to TAXI. An entire year of our service is so inexpensive that you'll probably spend less on TAXI than you do on designer coffee. Much less than you'd spend on a trip to LA, NY or Nashville or a couple of hours with a music attorney!

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You'll Also Get a Full, One-Year
Money-Back Guarantee...


We're so confident that you'll love belonging to TAXI, that we'll shoulder the risk. If you think that our Industry Listings aren't the best you've ever seen, we'll refund your membership fee in full. If you don't think our feedback helps you improve your music, ditto. And the same goes for our unmatched customer service. If you call with a question or a problem and you're not greeted by one of the friendliest, most helpful people you've ever met at any business, we'll refund your membership fee.

And that's not a 30-day guarantee. It's a Full, One-Year Guarantee. Yes, you read that correctly! We give you a full year to make sure you're happy with our listings, feedback and customer service. And if you're not, mail a letter during that 365 day period telling us why you're not and we'll refund your first year's membership fee.

For obvious reasons we can't guarantee you'll get a deal through TAXI or that your music will be forwarded. That depends on the music you pitch and how well you target those pitches. This guarantee applies only to the first year membership fee and does not include renewals or any additional/upgraded services offered by TAXI.

We regret that we can't give refunds based on financial difficulties, the inability to dedicate the appropriate time to writing and pitching your music through TAXI, outside success, the quality of your recordings or becoming discouraged if your music isn't "there" yet. We're here to help you with that. And that's why we'd like you to use our service for a full year.

Getting Opinions from Family and Friends is Nice, but...

Getting objective, detailed feedback from Hollywood music supervisors, hit songwriters, A&R people, publishers, and record producers is priceless. When you become part of TAXI, it's like having your own personal team of industry pros giving you tips, techniques and fresh ideas.

Many of our members use our feedback to whip their music into shape before they spend the time and money to record an album or submit it to record labels, music supervisors, music libraries and publishers. You'll never have to regret that you didn't add a bridge, change a lyric, or make your chorus punchier before you play it for an industry pro or release your finished record. We'll help you get it right before it's etched in stone! How much is that worth to you?

This Works Better Than Hope

How many years have you already wasted, hoping for success to fall from the sky and into your lap? TAXI gives you specific targets and deadlines to help you stop procrastinating and become more proactive. Why wait for Music Supervisors, A&R People and Publishers to stumble on your web page with millions of other songwriters, composers and artists all competing for attention?

Can you honestly say that Social Media has had a significant impact on your career? Having friends and followers is great, but having music industry decision makers asking for your music is much, much better!

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TAXI members' music has been in Hollywood Blockbusters, TV Shows on virtually every network, and on the desks of A&R executives at every Major Label.

Got Questions?

Does TAXI take a percentage?
No. We don't take a percentage or a commission. TAXI does not participate in your deal. Your name and phone number are on the material we forward to the people in the industry, so they will contact you directly when they're interested. The deal you make will be between you and them. We'll be happy to refer you to some excellent music attorneys if you need one.
TAXI almost sounds too good to be true. How do I know it's legitimate?
We've been in business for more than two decades and we've been rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau for most of that time. Click here to read real-time, unedited posts from our members on our Success Stories Forum. The more you check us out, the better we'll look!
Why do these companies tell TAXI what they're looking for?
Since 1992, TAXI has earned the respect of the music industry by maintaining an extremely high level of quality in the music we send them. Simply put - they trust our ears.
Does TAXI get listings for artists, bands, songwriters, and composers?
Yes. We work hard to make sure the listings are well-balanced. Something for everybody, whether you're an artist, band, songwriter, or instrumental composer.
What styles of music are most frequently requested?
People come to us looking for all types of music. If you can find it on a chart, in a movie or TV show, chances are somebody is looking for that genre. Check out the current Industry Listings and you can see just how diverse the opportunities are when you belong to TAXI. And remember, you'll get a fresh update every two weeks.
Who are your A&R people?
Our A&R team is made up of a large panel of heavyweight music industry experts who are always matched to the specific genre of music you send us. You'll never get a Country expert listening to your Jazz Instrumental or have Pop producer listening to your TV Tension Cue. Our A&R people have been vice presidents and directors of A&R at major labels, indie labels, music publishers, Grammy-winning songwriters and producers, Hollywood music supervisors, music coordinators from hit TV shows, and music library experts. We guarantee your music will always be thoroughly listened to by one of our professionals, absolutely no second stringers or interns will ever make decisions about your music. We promise!

But having a great resume isn't enough to work on TAXI's award winning A&R team. Our people are hand-selected not only for their "ears," but for their attitude as well. We train each and every person on our A&R staff to give friendly, objective feedback, and powerful suggestions that can dramatically help you make your music. Where else can you get that every day of the week?

Can't I just buy a directory or "tip sheet" and send my music to record companies myself?
All the directories in the world probably won't help you if you don't have personal connections. Most record labels, publishers, and music supervisors don't accept unsolicited material. TAXI has spent more than two decades building personal relationships with a colossal network of key music industry executives. If you've got the time and the skills to call, email, or meet hundreds of music industry executives and stay on top of what they need and when they need it, you might not need TAXI. If you're better at creating music than doing the work it takes to pitch your own music, then you probably need exactly what TAXI can do for you.
Do I only get one chance to send my music?
No! Actually, you'll get more than 1,200 opportunities a year in just about every genre of music. We'll send you great new opportunities virtually every day of the year! You can submit to as many opportunities as you would like, and you can submit the same material for different listings. We do recommend that you choose your pitches wisely!
Will TAXI give feedback on every song or instrumental track I submit?
All of our opportunities provide you with feedback. For listings with long deadlines, the feedback is typically more extensive, and our many of members credit TAXI's feedback as the reason they've improved so much with their songwriting, production, and ability to pitch the right music for the right opportunity. Our quick turnaround opportunities have shorter timelines, but you'll still get enough feedback to know why your music was forwarded or not, and the main areas you might need to work on!
Does TAXI have a submission fee?
Yes. $5 per song. If we had no submission fee, most of our members would pitch every piece of music they have for every one of our opportunities and that would overload the entire system. The submission fee is nominal, but it really helps our members focus on pitching the right music for the right opportunity.
Does TAXI split the submission fees with the companies requesting music?
No! We think that practice is highly unethical. We also think it causes companies to create fake opportunities or listings just so they can collect their share of the submission fees. We've actually found our listings copied and pasted on to other sites, typos and all. Why would we want to give your hard earned money to companies that steal listings from TAXI without even knowing who the music is supposed to go to?
Does TAXI check out the companies that it works with?
Yes we do, and very extensively at that! We want to see our members get deals and make money with their music so they tell all their friends about us.
If my music is forwarded, what are the chances that it will be listened to by the A&R person who asked for it?
If you were in their shoes, would you rather listen to a huge pile of unsolicited material, or a small group that was hand-picked and highly focused? Remember, they called us to request the material in the first place!
Isn't there too much competition for me to expect that my music will be forwarded?
No. TAXI does not work on a quota system. It simply doesn't matter how many submissions we get for a particular listing. The best and most appropriate always get forwarded, no matter how many there are. You never have to "compete" with your fellow members.</p>

You might be surprised to know that we only get between 10 and 250 submissions for most listings. And remember, you will never be competing against the other submissions.

Does TAXI have members in places other than the U.S.?
Yes. We have members all over the world - in over 55 countries at last count! And because we offer online submissions and critiques, it's easy and inexpensive to submit your music to TAXI no matter what country you live in.
How can TAXI handle all those submissions?
Pretty easily. Listening to your music is all we do, and we're extremely well-organized. We have a pool of more than 200 different A&R people. As our membership grows, so does our A&R team. Don't forget, TAXI is in L.A. We have a bottomless supply of highly qualified music industry veterans to choose from.
What percentage of your members get forwarded?
We take annual head counts and have found that typically, four out of ten members get something forwarded in any given year. The music that's great, and right on target for a particular opportunity, gets sent to the listing company.
What's TAXI's "Success Ratio"?
Our success ratio for members who score deals usually runs about 6% per year. The number is probably a little higher, but not all members who get deals remember to call and let us know. Yep, we're pretty amazed by that too! Oh well... chalk it up to human nature.
What kinds of deals have TAXI members signed?
Our members have signed just about every kind of deal imaginable. Record deals with major and independent labels, single song deals, multi-song deals, staff writer deals, video game deals, and deals for film and TV placements. As a matter of fact, our members have had their music on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, MTV, HBO, CNN, PBS, ESPN, Showtime, Nickelodeon, Discovery, and just about any other network you can think of. And they got it there by TAXI!
Can I sign up as a publishing, management, or production company, and send in material for several people under my membership?
Thanks to a few unscrupulous people who were re-selling access to TAXI for a profit, we had to go to single memberships only.

TAXI memberships are individual and writer-based. That means that if you write your own songs, or you are the primary writer in your band, you can join TAXI. The rule of thumb is you can send in any music you've written or co-written, but can't submit for friends.

You can sign up in the artist's name, in care of yourself (if you're a manager or publisher), and administer the membership for them. Please call us for details.

Can I join as a studio and submit demos from my clients?
We have a special Studio Referral Program. Please give us a call at 1-800-458-2111, and we'll be happy to tell you about it.
How much does TAXI cost?
A Full One-Year membership is just $299.95.

Just to give you a little perspective, a top music attorney will cost you more than $300 for just one hour! A single plane flight to L.A., N.Y., or Nashville can cost you more than TAXI's entire subscription fee.

When you add up the expense of hotel rooms, rental cars, and meals, TAXI pays for itself many times over. Compared to what you've spent to make your music, TAXI is surprisingly affordable.

How long will my membership last?
One year from the time you join, unless of course, you join for two or three years.
How much is it to renew my membership?
When you renew your membership we'll save you $100. Your renewal fee will be just $199.95.
Should I wait until my material is totally "finished" before I join TAXI?
Because you'll always be creating new music, you'll never really be "finished". Many of our members use TAXI as a sounding board along the way.

You'll Finally Get Your Shot...

The music business is very competitive, but if you don't run the race you have no chance to win. Your TAXI membership will keep you well informed, highly-motivated and more connected to the real music industry than you ever dreamed possible.

Ready To Quit Procrastinating?

So what do you say ... are you ready to quit procrastinating? How many years have you been talking about doing something serious with your music? The opportunity is right in front of you, and the time is now!

Become a member of TAXI today and get heard.

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