Songwriter Resources

Every label president, A&R director, publisher and film & TV music supervisor will tell you that the key to success in the music industry is great songs. Check out a few of our many information resources for the songwriter:

  • Songwriter: Tips, Techniques, and Articles
    Why reinvent the wheel? Get powerful songwriting tips and techniques from some of the most highly recognized experts and hit songwriters, then give them your own special flavor to make them unqiue. Write songs that will take you from demos to label deals and radio hits in record time!

  • Songwriter: The Importance of Contrast
    Successful songwriter and songwriting teacher Jai Josefs highlights one of the many technique for making your song stand out from the crowd.

  • Songwriter: Learning Where the Money Comes From
    Hit songwriter Jason Blume points out that to be successful in the music business, you have to pay as much attention to the business as you do to the music.

  • Songwriter Clichés
    Have you been guilty of using worn-out phrases and rhymes? Of course not! But before your even think about it, read sonqwriting guru, John Braheny, says.

  • Songwriting: The Song That Changed The World
    By topping the charts, the Beatles proved, for the very first time ever, that musicians could both write and play their own material and be successful at sustaining a career . . .

  • Songwriter: Rewriting Lyrics
    Hit songwriter Jason Blume points out that it's easier to get one great song published and recorded than a hundred pretty good ones.

  • Songwriter Interview -- Sarah McLachlan
    Covering how she gets inspired to write songs, what she does to make a demo, and forgetting the words to her songs on stage!

  • Songwriter: TV Composer Jonathan Wolff
    A two-part interview with the songwriter and producer responsible for Seinfeld, Caroline In The City, Will & Grace, etc.

  • Addicted to Songwriting
    Want to do something with your songs? Pick-up a few songwriting tips from the many excellent articles on song writing.


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