"Thank you for the singularly most exciting weekend
for me as a composer and songwriter."

Nik Sakellarides,
TAXI Member
Rocker, "Spider One" from the band Powerman 5000, does a one-to-one mentoring session with a member whose haircut makes him look like he is perfectly matched with his mentor.

TAXI partner, Michael Lederer, parties with Rick Waite (dark shirt), TAXI member Tuaca Kelly (dressed as a happy cowgirl), and Tony Adams from Road Rally sponsor, West L.A. Music.

These folks are obviously happy campers. They've found other members from their neck of the woods at the annual Collaborators' Luncheon.

ASCAP, VP, Todd Brabec, joins his brother Jeff (VP of Chrysalis Music Publishing) to do a presentation on Music, Money and Success.

Gospel expert, Alvin Williams, defines what gospel music is in today's market, while America's leading expert on Americana, Jon Grimson, listens in.

Film and TV Music expert, Steve Corn, tells TAXI members how much easier it is to get a song placed in a movie or a TV show, than it is to get a major label record deal.
Dear Michael and gang,

Wow. I'm still walking on a cloud from the Road Rally last week. I only joined Taxi about 6 weeks ago and flew out to the Rally from Florida. And I can say, without a doubt, that this Rally just took me to another level in my career. I had to give honor where honor is due and thank you for providing the venue and the tremendous talent who invested themselves into our lives to help us realize our dreams. I can hardly wait to see what the upcoming months hold. Again, I thank you all, with all of my heart,

Tammy Byler
Pensacola, FL

ASCAP Nashville, VP, Ralph Murphy, tells the audience that there's just one key element to having great success in the music business. Unfortunately, we don't have enough room in this caption to tell you what it is ;-)

Producer extraordinaire, Jay King, holding a stack of CDs that he got from hopeful TAXI members.

It's not only rock-n-roll, but we like it. Members jamming in the hotel lobby.

Aware Records VP, Steve Smith, is legendary for fielding questions from the Road Rally's most attractive female attendees year after year.

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"The way I figure it, I get the return on my membership investment three times over, just from the Rally."
— Bill Edwards,
TAXI Member

"Speaking to A&R people, getting inside info and some of the best advice I've ever had, was worth TEN times the cost of getting to The Road Rally."
— Mike Fitzsimons,
TAXI Member

"The TAXI Road Rally alone is worth the price of membership. There is simply no place on the planet that anyone can get so much useful information, from so many Music Industry people, in 3 days time!"
— Tom Sparks,
TAXI Member

"Thank you for the singularly most exciting weekend for me as a composer and songwriter."
— Nik Sakellarides,
TAXI Member

"All of the workshops that I attended were excellent. I felt so charged up being around creative and enthusiastic people. Professionally and socially, I've gained so much from this experience."
— Greg Teplik,
TAXI Member

"Some of the greatest musical information and networking ever presented in one glorious place."
— Ellen St. Peter,
TAXI Member

"Thank you again for trying so hard to make everyone feel like they are a part of this and keeping the quality so high!!"
— Steve Fulton,
TAXI Member

"Business is business, but TAXI has a heart. I wanted to send my praise to you for creating this "family" of members."
— Tom Johnson,
TAXI Member