Need Music? We’ve Got You Covered.

If you’d like TAXI to run a search and find music for your project, you need to be one of the following:

  • Major record label.
  • Major publisher.
  • Small to mid-size publisher or production music library with placements or cuts on indie and major label records, TV shows, films, video games, online content, or trailers.
  • Music supervisor with verifiable credits.
  • Independent record label that has nationally released and distributed, and/or charted product.
  • Producer who has credits on nationally released and distributed, and/or charted product.
  • TV or film production company.
  • Advertising or branding agency.
  • Film or TV Music Editor

TAXI reserves the right to choose who we perform music searches for. Our bottom line is credibility! We vet all companies we work with to make sure our members’ music is being sent to legitimate companies with verifiable track records who can help them make money with their music!

To be part of TAXI's A&R Team you must be:

  • Former A&R person who has worked at a major label or a credible independent label.
  • Former publisher who has worked at a major publisher or credible independent publisher.
  • TV or film music supervisor with real credits.
  • Producer who has credits on nationally released and/or charted product.
  • Hit songwriter with real credits and years of experience.
  • Current or former staff writer at a major publishing company or credible independent publisher.
  • Music coordinator with real credits.
  • Recently employed by a music library or music licensing company with a deep background in selecting and/or categorizing instrumentals or songs.
  • Music library composer with very substantial credits (and who is not a TAXI member).
  • TAXI does NOT use interns or recent interns as A&R Team members. Please contact us when you have more experience and real credits.

Here's How TAXI Works:

  • Tell us what kind of music you need and when you need it in your hands. Quick turnaround emergencies are not a problem!
  • We tell thousands of songwriters, artists, and composers what is needed, but we don’t disclose who you are, what your company is, or what your specific project is. We only tell them what’s needed, what type of company or person needs it, and when it’s needed. You will never be inundated with unsolicited submissions or contacted by the general public.
  • All submissions are expertly curated by TAXI’s team of genre-specific “screeners.” Check out their credits here: TAXI's A&R Team.
  • The best and most appropriate material is forward to you by the date you need it. You’re given contact information on everything we send you. When you find something you’d like to pursue, contact the artist or composer directly. If you need assistance, we’re happy to help.
  • TAXI does NOT participate in any deals.

Since 1992, TAXI has worked with virtually every Major Record Label, many top Indie Labels, leading Major and Independent Publishers, Music Supervisors, Production Music Libraries, TV Production Companies, Independent Film Producers and Directors, and just about any other entity you can think of that needs great music!

Tell us what you need, and we’ll help you find it!
818-222-2464 (ask for A&R Department)