Songwriting Business

The words songwriting and business seem almost incongruous to the beginner. After all, songwriting is supposed to be a creative endeavor. It is! But getting the songs you write cut by other artists or managing your relationships with co-writers and publishers can be difficult at best.

The business of songwriting is nearly as important as the actual songs you write. Want to improve your chances of making money with them. Read the articles below.

Songwriting Business Articles

Can You Cut It?
by Michael Anderson
Craft + Magic = Success
by Michael Anderson
Learning Where The Money Comes From, Part 1 Part 2
by Jason Blume
New Media Songwriting Deals
by Dina LaPolt
The Professional Songwriters Code Of Conduct
by Nancy Moran
Push Yourself
by Michael Anderson
Road Rally 2004 Success Stories Panel
Q&A with five successful TAXI members
Sarah McLachlan Finds Her Own Walden Pond
by Bill DeMain
Shawn Colvin: Born To Be Telling Her Story
by Lydia Hutchinson
The Song That Changed The World
by Kenny Kerner
Staff Writers
by Jason Blume
Steve Seskin Shares Secrets
Rally 2002: Moderated by Michael Laskow
Types Of Songwriter Agreements
by Jeffrey & Todd Brabec
The Real Deal
by Michael Anderson
Writing For Speciality Markets
by Jason Blume


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