Since 1992, TAXI has been helping its members get their music placed in Films and TV shows. But often times, we have great opportunities that we can't run as regular TAXI listings. Why? Because Film & TV people often don't know that they need something until the very last minute.

We typically need to have the music in the music supervisor's hands in 24 to 48 hours. Sometimes we get a week to turn things around, but that still isn't enough time to run "regular" listings, when you consider that we have to send out the listings, and then wait for the submissions to come in from all over the world.

Happily, we've found a way we can satisfy their desperate requests, and make those opportunities available to you. Introducing TAXI Dispatch, the fastest and most efficient way to get your music into Films and TV shows.

Here are the nuts and bolts of how Dispatch works:

  • Every time we get a Dispatch listing, we'll e-mail the listing to you within an hour.

  • You will typically have 24 to 48 hours to get your material in our hands.

  • Submissions are made quickly and easily through our hosting service.

  • Sending submissions via FedEx (or any courier) is fine, but online will be much cheaper and faster.

  • Because of the quick turnaround times, we WON'T be able to provide critiques.

  • The submission fees are the same as usual—$5 per song unless otherwise noted in the listing.

Dispatch is an upgrade to your existing membership. The additional service costs 41.08 CENTS per day, and will be prorated to run concurrently with your existing membership. In other words, if you have 123 days left on your membership, the cost to upgrade to Dispatch would be just $50.53 for the balance of your membership. The $5 per song submission fee will still be in effect.

Making Online Submissions

  • When you receive a Dispatch listing, simply go to Log into your account and click the "Submit Music" button in the blue side bar. Then click the "Dispatch" button to access the Dispatch listings.

  • Once the material is screened for the listing, you will receive an e-mail notification letting you know if your submission[s] has been Forwarded or Returned.

Making Submissions Via FedEx, etc.

  • Make 20-50 copies of the enclosed Dispatch Submission Form, just like you've done with your TAXI Tape/CD Submission Form. Please don't lose the master copy.

  • When submitting to a Dispatch listing, fill out the Dispatch Submission Form and make a "burrito" just like you normally would for our regular TAXI listings.

  • Include a check for the submission fee. Remember, the fee is $5 PER SONG.

  • Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you would like your tape or CD returned to you if it has not been Forwarded.

Defining Master Quality

A common misconception among our members is that when our listings ask for "Master Quality," or "Broadcast Quality" we are looking for professional, 24 track studio recordings. Not true! Master Quality for TV and Film often means they are simply looking for a good, clean recording. It may be surprising for you to know that many of the film and TV placements that have come through TAXI over the years have been done in home studios on 4 track and 8 track machines.

If you would like to learn how to make better recordings with your home studio, just go to, and download the FREE Studio Buddy software for PC and Mac. It contains lots of great tips from professional engineers with gold and platinum credits.

Frequently Asked Questions

"Will the number of 'regular,' TAXI Film & TV listings diminish as a result of Dispatch?"

No, our current listings will not be affected by Dispatch. These new, additional listings will be "emergency cases" and "quickies" that we can't run through the current system because of their short turn-around times. That means more great opportunities for you!

"Will I be able to receive a critique for the Dispatch listings?"

Due to the quick turn-around time involved, every submission will be screened on a Yes/No basis only. You will receive an e-mail response informing you if your song was Forwarded or Returned.

"How do I submit my Bio and Photo?"

You don't need to submit a bio or photo for Film & TV placements. All the music supervisors really care about is the song itself. Photos and bios can be submitted through TAXI's Music Hosting Service if the listing calls for them.

"Why don't you charge a lower submission fee since there are no critiques?"

Treat Dispatch listings like "Y" listings-the $5 fee still applies, with or without a critique. Many members think the $5 fee is a critique fee, but it is really designed to make members think carefully about what they're submitting. We want our members to be selective in what they pitch, and keep their submissions well-targeted.

"What musical genres will be needed for Film & TV listings?"

Everything from Hip Hop to New Age to Modern Rock to Adult Contemporary to background instrumentals. Essentially, every genre that we run in our regular listings will apply to Dispatch, and maybe some new genres as well.

"Do Dispatch listings contain requests for music for applications other than Film & TV?"

Anything is possible. For now, the Film & TV music world is our main focus. Music supervisors are typically the people who most often need music in a hurry. But we also get requests from publishers or production companies needing songs in a hurry.

"Is there a money-back guarantee for Dispatch?"

Unlike your regular TAXI membership, we do not offer refunds for Dispatch.

"Why do you think Dispatch is so valuable to music supervisors?"

Because supervisors want to spend the least amount of time they can, and get the best result possible. With Dispatch, the supervisor only needs to make one phone call, and we do all the leg-work for them. There's no need for them to go to a web site and listen to hundreds, if not thousands of tracks.

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