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Baltimore Songwriters Association
: developing and promoting songwriting in all genres, providing educational opportunities and serving as a center for the exchange of information between songwriters, publishers and persons involved in music throughout the greater community

British Academy of Composers and Songwriters: professional membership organization for UK music writers

Center for the Promotion of Contemporary Composers (CPCC): an Internet-based service organization for composers, dedicated to providing a single, comprehensive resource containing opportunities (competitions, faculty openings, grants, etc.), as well as a platform from which members can disseminate information about their own works and activities

Chicago Songwriters Collective: providing support and community for for lyricists, musicians and storytellers

Connecticut Songwriters Association: a non-profit educational organization dedicated to improving the art and craft of original music and lyrical composition
: a resource for country songwriters with a discussion board and evaluation service

Country Music Showcase: an educational organization for songwriters, entertainers, musicians, bands and fans. Dedicated to the preservation of acoustical, traditional, old-time, classic, country music, cajun and all of the other 14 art forms of country music

Danstar Productions: music to move you - features songs & more from songwriters, Soroca & Allocca

Indianapolis Songwriters Association: a not-for-profit organization created in 1983 to promote the art of songwriting

Island Songwriter Showcase
: dedicated songwriters, lyricists, producers, engineers, performers and DJs with one common goal - to support original music through its workshops and live showcases

Louisiana Songwriters Association: a non-profit organization whose mission is perfecting and promoting the songwriting talents in Louisiana

Madigan Music Publishing: administers the titles / intellectual properties of Irish songwriter Matt Manning

Memphis Songwriters Association
: a non-profit organization founded in 1973 by a group of Memphis songwriters--including Memphis' own Estelle Axton, co-founder of Stax Records--to promote, advance, and help MSA songwriters in the composition of music, lyric and song; to work for better conditions in our profession, and to secure and protect the rights of MSA songwriters

Minnesota Association of Songwriters: a nonprofit, member supported community of songwriters and composers from the Midwest. The MAS mission is to inspire, educate and promote the art and craft of songwriting and music composition

Moore Professional Songwriters On-Line: addressing the difficulty songwriters experience getting their material heard, MPSOL presents writers and their best material to industry professionals
: the home of  Motown's Alumni

Music Resource Group: an artist community and home of The Musician's Atlas, the music industry's most widely used resource directory

Nashville Songwriters Association International
(NSAI): established in 1967, the world's largest not-for-profit songwriters trade organization

National Music Publishers Association: working to interpret copyright law, educate the public about licensing, and safeguard the interests of its members. To insure a fair and orderly market for everyone involved in music publishing, NMPA is dedicated to the protection of music copyright across all media and across all national boundaries

Northern California Songwriters Association: an industry leader dedicated to providing the environment, opportunities and tools to nurture, educate, and promote songwriters

Pacific Songwriters Workshop: participants have the opportunity to present their songs to other aspiring and professional writers in this workshop, in a mutual exchange. Critiques are based on the artfulness and craft of a song as well as its marketability. The song, whether commerce or art, though, is the thing, and not its performance

PAN's Songwriters Collaboration Network: provides a system for composers and lyricists to locate potential collaborators

Philadelphia Songwriters Association: an informal group that comprised of songwriters from throughout the Philadelphia region

San Diego Songwriter's Guild: a volunteer-run, non-profit organization offering networking, pitch sessions, live showcases, TAXI membership discounts, and more singer and songwriter resources and interaction

SCALA: Songwriters, Composers And Lyricists Association

Songwriters & Poets Critique: is a central Ohio based, non-profit organization, dedicated to the craft of writing songs and poems through critiques, workshops, concerts, demos and more

Songwriter's Association of Washington (and) Mid-Atlantic Song Contest: a nonprofit organization for aspiring and professional songwriters

The Songwriters Network: career-minded songwriters (in Los Angeles) meet monthly to network and learn about the music business from industry pros. Check out their new monthly showcase

Songwriters of the Northwest Guild: providing a supportive environment for Northwest songwriters, to encourage collaboration, and to help songwriters define and pursue their artistic goals

Songwriters Resource Network: free online news and education resource for songwriters and lyricists everywhere

Singing Wind Hill Music: Hill Country songwriters association creating and presenting music of love and conscience from the heart of Texas

Target Top Ten
: song writers from every genre including contemporary & traditional, country, pop, gospel and rock. Also offering critiques by staff writers

Via the Fantasy Flight: an organization for songwriters to give practical and emotional support to each other; and pool resources in an industry that seems to be very band oriented


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