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9 of Swords: a new e-zine dedicated to promoting independent writers, artists, and musicians

Adrenalin Zine: a metal site where you will find information on bands that are good and deserve to be exposed to the world

Alternate Music Press
: the multimedia journal of new music

Amazing Sounds: Webzine about electronic music, ambient and new instrumental music. Online since 1996. Pages with hundreds of links

AMBOSS Webzine: German metal & gothic Webzine with many current reviews, tourdates, news, interviews and more

American Songwriter: songwriter interviews, and contact info for the magazine music interviews, reviews & news

Backstage Magazine: MIDI songs, album reviews, poetry, MP3 links and other musicians resources, including an upcoming demo review feature

Bandit: an A&R newsletter for ambitious acts

Barcode: the electronic music portal

Beyond Mainstream: progressive online magazine providing a forum for activism, creativity, and self-discovery. Features include politics, arts, health and spirituality, lifestyle options, offbeat humor and more

BillyZine: the online magazine for new stars by Billy Tweedie; writer, promoter and manager of upcoming talent

Black Velvet Music Magazine
: UK's glossiest independent glam, punk, pop, rock music magazine

Bombsounds DnB
: a drum & bass magazine that's updated daily -- with news, features, interviews and more a bi-monthly magazine on how to make it in the music business. Has legal advice, and an up-to-date music industry directory that's helpful for making contacts

Buzz Magazine: is a music street press servicing the states of Victoria and Tasmania in southern Australia

Caustic Truths: a punk, hardcore, garage, and noizy music zine distributed throughout North America. In print for nine years with interesting articles of humour and edginess, as well as news, tours, and Noizy samples the Irish music and cinema webzine that is built by its visitors that features new songs (MP3 & WMA format) to download by emerging artists

Cord Magazine: in-depth interviews, top-notch photos, audio, and a lot of fun with the best bands that you have and haven't heard of, all set in a tone that makes you feel at home. Check out what the Ten Questions With buzz is all about. Plug into the music...

Cutting Edge Voices: an online e-zine that spotlights independent and mainstream women artists and musicians through in-depth interviews, reviews and news postings

Damn Good Tunes: Web magazine for all musical genres of Indie artists, songwriters, bands, producers, technicians, management and distribution teams.CD reviews, interviews, helpful tips and information and links to other resources such as CD baby and Taxi

Digital Pro Sound a community resource for the digital content creation market, with news, advice, help and examples. Their e-mail bulletins contain articles, tutorials and help files. They will also alert you to new downloads like free textures, 3D models, utilities, demos, etc.

Entertainment Industry Online E-zine: for directors, producers, writers, film, video, recording, record producers, scenic artists, storyboard artists, animation, art directors, catering, musicians and more

Electronic Musician: the premier resource for musicians interested in personal music production

The Expressway to yr Skull: reviews and views for indie (and some less indie) bands and artists, with a section dedicated to guitar noise

EQ Magazine: professional project recording and sound among the best music and lifestyle blog magazines on the Isle of Man providing creative, colourful and interesting content that showcases the best of the Isle of Man music scene, the UK music industry, events & more

Glide Magazine is an online magazine with stories, interviews and reviews covering the independent spirt of music, the outdoors, and other creative outlets

Ground Motion: a combined collection of original articles, reviews and event reports plus music projects, forums, polls and a vast categorized link section

Hear/Say: a free music publication that strives to be an original and educated voice for music-loving college students across the US and beyond

Hitraisers: a British music site offering news, unsigned music, reviews, sound gear info and more

iBluegrass Magazine: your source for all things bluegrass with news, reviews, links to performers, free stuff and more an online music magazine and directory/resource centre where users can find, buy, make, mix and promote their music. Check out their free music biz guide, news, reviews, interviews and DJ equipment guide

IndieDisco: the independent music community featuring user-contributed reviews, news, downloads, links, polls, and more on many musical genres

Indie Monkey: bringing attention to those bands and artists who deserve it, no matter what the style or where they are located
: gets down with columns on theory and player styles as well as technique instruction, news MP3s and an on-line store

Jazz Ambassadors Magazine: current and past issues of JAM, jazz links, festival info, KCJA info and more

Jazz Shop USA: a guide to music companies, galleries, record labels and music sites, plus reviews and news artist interviews, jazz history, photography, news, concert and performance reviews; and much more

Komakino Fanzine: post punk, dreampop, garage & more are reviewed and discussed in the columns in this Italian fanzine. You'll also find info on indie & d.i.y. music, interviews, news, bios, underground resources, MP3s, videos and more

Kool Magazine: the "ultimate free magazine", with reviews, chat, gigs and clubs listings, songwriter/band competitions and more

Lamentations of the Flame Princess: dedicated to dark, intelligent, progressive heavy metal music

Left Off The Dial: a weekly/daily e-zine that covers music spanning from classic punk of the late 70s, to 80s indie and college rock, along with artists of the 90s and today keeping the spirit alive

Maverick: a new monthly country and roots music magazine from AAG Publishing Ltd

Maximum Ink: features interviews, CD reviews and articles on both national and local musical artists. Other features include monthly columns, rockstar deathnotices and a live music calendar for the Maximum Ink distribution area which covers the Wisconsin and surrounding areas

MeanStreet: Southern California's number one music magazine and online music store

Metal Eagle Online Magazine
: an online magazine about metal/rock music with interviews, news and reviews on new albums

Metal Fanatix E-zine: spreads the word of metal with news about your favorite band, tour dates, interviews, chat room, and much more an underground heavy metal news, reviews and community site that believes that some music was meant to remain underground -- updated daily! a review bands, clubs and more — with a great interactive club calendar

Midwestern Skies
: on the cutting edge of new music, with reviews, news, articles, audio samples and more. Great for keeping up with the latest trends news, information and discussions about heavy rock music — from 80s hard rock to progressive and power metal

The Mississippi Rag: has covered traditional jazz and ragtime via interviews, historical articles, news, gig and festival listings and reviews since 1973

Modern Drummer: since 1977 the world's most widely read magazine about drums, drummers, and drumming. It caters to the needs of the amateur, semi-pro, and professional drummer with informative interviews and reports on trends, activities, products, and playing tips

Mood Swings: a melodic rock Web-zine featuring news, reviews & occasional interviews from the world of MR/AOR where the music ranges from tear-jerking ballads to hard hitting rockers

Morrigan's Pit: metal webzine: rock hard and bang your head festival reviews online! is an alternative independent music review site based in Calgary, AB Canada. You can find rock, electronica, hip hop, folk, blues, and many other genres

Nashville Songwriting: monthly, pro-written articles on songwriting, guitar, piano, and studio recording by established Nashville music industry veterans. FAQ, Q&A, links, free classifieds, and more. Nashville Songwriting book, written by award winning songwriter and record producer Jerry Cupit featured

New Horizons: news and reviews of progressive, melodic and classic rock music; presenting broad overviews and news of the UK's premier bands

New Music Weekly: covers the radio and music industry with its 32+ page weekly magazine, Web site, NMWmail, NMW Awards and syndicated radio shows. Built by radio stations who "break" the hits first, has become the standard for tracking radio airplay nationwide

New Reign Magazine: music news, movie reviews, interviews, MP3s and more

Orchestre Septentrional: represents a bridge from the past to the future of Haitian music, while well anchored in the rhythm of the present. It crystallizes the slogan that makes "Haitian music so special and so mellow". Indeed, Septentrional is an institution with fifty years of musical tradition, a national and international treasure. Under the leadership of maestro Hulric Pierre-Louis, Septentrional continues to ascend to a new zenith bringing Haitian music with it to a new plateau.

Origivation Magazine: located in Philadelphia, PA, with a monthly circulation of 10,000, focusing on local artists, as well as touring and national acts. The magazine is also parented with a Web site which contains local venue information, schedules, local music news and message board

POLLSTAR: The Concert Hotwire

The Phantom Tollbooth: an e-zine publishing a wide range of album, concert and movie reviews; with interviews, features and resource links

Piano Keyboard Reviews
: keyboard reviews by Dan Maynard, and product info on Yamaha, Roland, Kurzweil and Korg

Piano Today: filled with intriguing things to play: great pieces from all eras and styles, jazz arrangements by today's top artists, inside stories, lessons and playing tips, and a whole section just for beginners

Progressive Newsletter: a fanzine of progressive rock in Germany with current CD & concert reviews and a vast selection of progressive rock links your ultimate guide to progressive music, news, reviews, and interviews with artists spanning the spectrum of progressive music from ambient to metal — plus tons of links to artists, labels, magazines and more

ProRec: Pro and home recording resources on the Internet. Excellent source of information on this subject -- definitely worth checking out

Recording Tips: an eZine that lets anyone interested in home recording write in and share their recording ideas, as well as offering info on overall recording and mixing

Release Music Magazine: an alternative music web magazine with news, articles, tour dates, reviews and more in English

Rock Pulse: online music magazine from the U. K. Features interviews, reviews, news and competitions!

Rockus Online Magazine
: a monthly Internet zine (news & show info updated often) of the Australian Music scene

Seattle Metal Online: the only site dedicated to Seattle's metal scene with MP3s, heavy hard thrash bands, shows reviews and more
the italian roots-rock Web site: Cd and book reviews / interviews / label profiles about Americana, alt-country and songwriters

Shavano Music Online: an online musicians magazine focusing on working artist and band information

Sheet Music Magazine: offers the world's most popular songs' music and lyrics presented in carefully crafted arrangements with authoritative, concise introductions

Skope Magazine: diverse music coverage for the digital age

: aims to explore the world of rock by covering mainly classic rock, hard rock and progressive rock / metal

SongLink International: London based tipsheet/magazine for pro-minded songwriters and music publishers detailing who's looking for material in the UK, Europe and around the world

Sound Magazine: includes a tribute to The Partridge Family, Badfinger and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Also, Howard Pattow artist profile and Sound Magazine Recorders Network

Southbound Beat

Strutter Magazine: the latest reviews, news and interviews in the world of AOR, Melodic Hard Rock, Progressive Rock/Metal, Power Metal and related styles!

Suite 101: Adam McKibbin's weekly column spotlights choice indie bands and artists through interviews and feature reviews electronic dance music info, club guides, dance music news

The Urban Survival Guide
: an e-zine located in Ontario, Canada, covering unknown writers and artists

Unsigned Music Magazine: tagline is "The Best NEW Music You've Never Heard". We are dedicated to exposing the hottest unsigned musical talent to the music buying public and the music industry
: Your source for the latest happenings in Black entertainment

USOUNDS: has been publishing fine reviews since the summer of 1998, and has new digital music downloads from around the world

Voyager Magazine
: a monthly Internet webzine that brings to fans of jam and roots music all the thoughts, philosophies and insights of their favorite artists

World of Trip Hop: news and feautures of Trip Hop and Bristol music bands with real audio, lyrics, and photos Tricky, Portishead, Massive Attack, Morcheeba, Hooverphonic, Sneaker Pimps, and others