Q: "Do American record labels and publishers ever look for artists from other countries?"
A: Yes! They don't care where you live. They just want hit songs and hit records. TAXI currently has members in more than 60 different countries all over the globe!

Q: "Can I get my music in American Films and TV shows?"
A: Yes, and it's much easier than getting a record deal. It's not unusual that Film and TV producers NEED authentic music from countries all over the world. They will also be happy to listen to music that sounds "American" but is produced elsewhere. The music is what counts, not its country of origin!

Adonis Aletras

Q: "Does TAXI get requests from non-American-based companies who are looking for material or artists to sign?"
A: Yes, frequently. TAXI will run listings for any legitimate company who offers great opportunities for our members.

Q: "Is it hard to meet TAXI's deadlines from other countries because of the postal system?"
A: Not any more! Now you can conveniently submit your music to TAXI from the comfort of your home or office anywhere in the world with just a few clicks of a mouse.

TAXI has created the most convenient, comprehensive, online music hosting service available.

No need to spend money on postage, padded envelopes, tapes or CDs. No money orders or foreign currency exchanges. Maybe best of all, no waiting in line at the post office!

TAXI members can set up a free account by clicking the "Submit Music" button in the blue side bar of TAXI's homepage.

Submitting online is the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to send your music to TAXI, but of course it is still possible to make submissions to TAXI via the Post. Here are some frequently asked questions from members outside the U.S.:

Mike Goudreau

Q: "Can I write a check to pay for my submission fees?"
A: Unfortunately, no, unless you have an account with a U.S. bank.

Q: "Does that I mean I have to get a money order to cover the submission fees every time I want to make a submission?"
A: No. We have a much easier way for you to pay the submission fees. We've created certificates called "Cab Fare" which can be purchased for US$5.00 each using a credit card or money order. Once purchased, Cab Fare coupons are immediately mailed to you via air mail. When you send a submission, just enclose one certificate for each US$5.00 submission fee.

Jason Towers

There are several ways to order Cab Fare. If you want to use a credit card, you may print the form out and fax or mail it to us. You may also call us with your credit card number. In addition, we provide a "Cab Fare and International Postage Coupon Order Form" in your membership starter kit which can be faxed or mailed to us with a credit card number.

If you prefer to pay by money order, you may print out our online order form and mail it to us, or use the Cab Fare and International Postage Coupon Order Form provided in your starter kit to send in with your payment. We process all Cab Fare requests the day they are received and send them to you via air mail. We suggest ordering enough Cab Fare to cover the number of submissions you expect to make over the next few months. Doug Stonach

Q: "How do I get U.S. postage for my self-addressed return envelopes you require for critique and/or demo returns?"
A: You may purchase TAXI's International Postage Coupons the same way you buy Cab Fare using the same forms and payment methods listed above.

For Canada, a Postage Coupon to have a critique returned to you will cost US$0.65 each. If you would like your tape or CD returned, the fee is US$2.00 per coupon.

If ordering from outside the U.S. and Canada, a critique return coupon will cost $1.50, and a demo return coupon will be US$4.25.

After you have ordered and received your Postage Coupons, enclose one for each self-addressed stamped envelope you send to TAXI. We suggest ordering enough Postage Coupons to cover the number of submissions you expect to make over the next few months.

You are now ready to join TAXI and get your music to the American market! Click here to join now!