Living Legend Award recipient, Robbie Robertson (of The Band), enjoys the moment during his onstage interview.

"Hi Michael,

This was my first TAXI Road Rally, and I have to admit I was a bit skeptical of the claims that it could "change my life." The first day blew my doubts away. Inspiring, helpful speakers and teachers from the upper echelons of the music industry willingly sharing their knowledge. Rooms full of people with similar interests, all excited to talk to complete strangers. I got an excellent critique of my music from an exec at a famous publisher, and made lots of contacts. I'll never be able to thank you enough!"

Dave Ogden

"What a great convention. This was my first year, and I could not get over the fact that it's FREE! I cannot figure out why TAXI's not charging $400-$500 for something of that caliber."

Kerry Cox
from TAXI message boards

Robbie Robertson and TAXI CEO, Michael Laskow share a laugh during the live interview.

Hit Songwriter Panel — Jason Blume, TAXI's Michael Laskow, Kara DioGuardi, Dave Stewart, DJ Muggs, and James Dean Hicks.

"TAXI's Road Rally affords the up-and-coming artist or songwriter a priceless opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the music industry's most notable experts."

Kirk Boyer,
Senior Director of A&R,
Lyric Street Records

"When I joined TAXI, I was told the Road Rally alone would be worth the cost of joining and it is true. My guest could not believe that all that great stuff that was happening at no cost. He said he would expect the tickets to be at least $500 apiece for any other event of this kind, not that there is one. Thanks again, truly a life-altering event."


Dave Stewart checks out audience member Les July's CD and press kit after the Hit Songwriter panel.

A million dollar smile from Kara DioGuardi, whose songs have sold millions of records for acts like Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera, and Lindsay Lohan, to name just a few.


I had a blast at the Rally this year. The mentor luncheons were the greatest! I loved being able to actually hand my CD's to those A&R folks!

I'll be back next year!"

Rebecca Dale Peaden

"Even if you suck at schmoozing you'd still get a ton out of the Rally. I honestly believe if everybody knew what they were missing by not attending the Rally, they would start saving up TODAY for next year."

Matt Hirt

Rap icon DJ Muggs shows that he's not too cool to take time to meet with TAXI members who want to show their appreciation.

Major Label A&R panelists Guy Routte (Sony Urban), Tony Ferguson (Interscope/A&M), Michael Laskow (TAXI), Steven Melrose (Virgin Records), and Kirk Boyer (Disney's Lyric Street Records).

"There is a feeling of camaraderie at the Road Rally — we are all in this together. The 'networking' is spontaneous, and even the most shy will make friends. This is a must attend event. There are years of knowledge and experience to be gained from this incredible weekend. Next year please make it a week!!"

Hugh Lehane

"Taxi has created an avenue for creative artists to get their work heard by the right people in a way that has integrity and class. Not bad for an industry not always known for those qualities!"

Bud Harner,
A&R Consultant,
Rendezvous Entertainment

Lyric Street's Kirk Boyer gives some Country music tips to TAXI members, while they give him their undivided attention.

Sony Urban A&R consultant, Guy Routte does a little meet and greet with members after one of his panels.

"The knowledge I gained at the Rally was priceless to me and the trip itself was well worth every penny it took to get to Hollywood. Thank you to everyone at Taxi for putting on a truly exceptional convention!"

Brett Gillan

"There is such a wealth of knowledge from the panelists and the people in the industry at the Road Rally that I can't see how anyone could NOT go because if you really want to BE in the Music Industry this Convention is the BEST investment of your time!!"

Steve Archdeacon

Interscope/A&M V.P. of A&R, Tony Ferguson takes some CDs from TAXI members.

Virgin Records A&R man Steven Melrose, seems more than happy to check out the music on a TAXI member's CD.

"It is rare to see such a huge wellspring of talent gathered in one place. The TAXI Road Rally is a great place to further existing connections or establish new ones."

Victor Rodriguez,
THQ Video Games, Inc.

"Michael, the Road Rally was phenomenal! I met people from all over and actually got to meet several major label A&R guys! I've already gotten an email from one of them so it just goes to show that they DO take the time to listen to what you give them.

See ya next year Michael!"


Striking a pose after their A&R Listening Panel — Fabian Altsultany (World Music) Michael Laskow (TAXI), Barbara Cohen (Electronic Music), Frank Fuchs (Americana, Folk), Bud Harner (Jazz), Michael Puryear (Christian Music), and Capitol's Darius Jones (Urban Music).