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Would the real Lionel Richie please stand up!?

"It still amazes me more people don't take advantage of this opportunity! At first I didn't think I could afford to go. After thinking it through, I realized I couldn't afford NOT to go."

Craig Larson


I had a blast at the Rally this year. The mentor luncheons were the greatest! I loved being able to actually hand my CD's to those A&R folks!

I'll be back next year!"

Rebecca Dale Peaden

Highly successful and long-time member, Matt Hirt passes along some of his tips for success to another member. Matt can often be found sharing his wisdom on the TAXI message boards at

We're not sure what was so funny, but we always love it when a major label A&R person laughs uncontrollably as Darius Jones is in this shot.

"Yet another reason a TAXI membership pays for itself. The Road Rally is priceless!"

Derek Sivers,
CD Baby

"There is such an intense level of reciprocal energy and enthusiasm between everyone at the Rally, that I'm still buzzing from it. As the saying goes, "Be there or be square."

Joe Slyzelia

Jazz A&R person, Bud Harner giving the once-over to this lucky member's CD.

These talented and fortunate members have their songs on 9,000,000 CDs as a result of a single TAXI forward. Adam Watts (left) and Andy Dodd (right) are two shining examples of what hard work and the right connections can do for you.


I was truly baffled at how you can offer a convention that is worth way more than the annual price of a TAXI membership, let alone the fact that you allow a guest to come for free as well. You could easily charge $400 per person for such an event."

Kerry Cox

"It is rare to see such a huge wellspring of talent gathered in one place. The TAXI Road Rally is a great place to further existing connections or establish new ones."

Victor Rodriguez,
THQ Video Games, Inc.

Contemporary Christian and Gospel music expert, Michael Puryear, CEO of Final Four/Universal Music seems to be giving CDs away to members. But we're pretty sure that he's actually taking one from a member in this shot.

Successful member, Danny Earnest appears to be telling a fellow member that his hat is the secret to his success. Looks like the other member has all the tools he needs.

"I flew 15 hours from Sao Paulo to LA just for that. And I can tell you: it was one of the best experiences in my life!"

Best Regards,
Rogerio Maudonnet

"There were so many great speakers and classes that choosing between them was difficult! It's amazing that you can 'get up close and personal' with so many music industry people at the Rally. I also loved the opportunity to listen to/participate in music-making, at the open mics and jams. I came away with a real sense of how high the bar is, but yet also a real belief that I can reach that bar if I work at it."

Vikki Flawith

No Road Rally photo album would be complete without a shot of two TAXI members with drinks in their hands. From the looks of this shot, it's a good bet that our trusty photographer dropped acid right before he took this.

The TAXI staff gets a well-deserved standing ovation from a very appreciative audience at the end of this year's Road Rally.

"Loved the enthusiasm, energy, and commitment showed from the Road Rally.... oh, and the talent also!!"

Steven Melrose,
Virgin Records

"What an honor to serve on the Taxi Rally Panel, total "Pro Company" heads up and informative, and creative, you have to be in this business to survive. TAXI opens doors."

Denny Earnest,
TAXI Success Story

It's not over until the fat lady sings, or in this case, it's over when the TAXI banner comes down from the stage. See ya next year!


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"Thank you for the singularly most exciting weekend for me as a composer and songwriter."
— Nik Sakellarides,
TAXI Member

"What a fantastic Road Rally. Every time we go it gets better! We learned so much and now we are ready to roll!"
— Nancy & Phil Halpin,
TAXI Members

"I feel that I met some of the most amazing people I have ever met and will be keeping in touch with these people for a LONG TIME TO COME!"
— Steve Fulton,
TAXI Member

"Thank you again for trying so hard to make everyone feel like they are a part of this and keeping the quality so high!!"
— Steve Fulton,
TAXI Member

"Some of the greatest musical information and networking ever presented in one glorious place."
— Ellen St. Peter,
TAXI Member

"I seriously didn't expect such a loving, openhearted and giving group of people."
— Nik Sakellarides,
TAXI Member

"Thanks for organizing this wonderful event. All the members I met were friendly and open and pleasant to be around. I've made many new friends and some great business contacts."
— Greg Teplik,
TAXI Member

"Thank you for the singularly most exciting weekend for me as a composer and songwriter."
— Nik Sakellarides,
TAXI Member

"Again, it was great. It was my fifth and I came away inspired and full of new ideas."
— Tom Johnson,
TAXI Member

"Speaking to A&R people, getting inside info and some of the best advice I've ever had, was worth TEN times the cost of getting to The Road Rally."
— Mike Fitzsimons,
TAXI Member