"After this weekend, seeing who showed up to serve on your panels, to see the respect, to feel the totally supportive vibe in the room, I'm convinced you guys are everything you've said you are and more."

— Don Campbell
TAXI Member

Danny Kee, Director of A&R at Warner Brothers, Nashville (right) acts as a decoy as TAXI member gets pick-pocketed (lower right corner).

Dear Michael,

Howdy. This is member David Snow.

I spoke to you at the rally. I was the guy who told you how I really could tell you cared for your members like a "mother hen," and that that is the reason TAXI has become a success. I told you that on day one and at the end of it all on day two. I meant it!

I wanted to thank you for a wonderful event and share some great news with you.

At the end of the event, I handed a tape to a friend of yours and guest panelist, Jim Long from One Music.

He called me the very next day. As a matter of fact, I was the only person he did call after listening to twenty-one reels!! As a second matter of fact, he called me twice that day. He even gave me his address and home phone number.

He is very excited about my work, thinks I've "got it," and has given me exact instructions on what to provide next for him in order to start to get REAL WORK!!

This would get me out of the bush leagues of doing demos for others and into doing the instrumental music and song writing I really love best. I guess that would be the "big leagues" if there is such a thing. I would suppose the size of my house and studio would eventually be the barometer for the league I am truly in. Or the size of my heart of course. Any how ...

I'll keep you posted, and of course ... thanks again!!

David Snow
Gaithersburg, MD


Dear Doug:

Since I met you briefly at the Road Rally, I'll address this letter to you. The Road Rally was fun, informative, and worthwhile. Especially impressive was the caliber of the TAXI Staff and the invited guests. All of you seemed like the kind of people one would want as friends. If a person wanted an inside view into what the music business is about, attending the Rally would be a way to get it. You get a feeling for how good your music really has to be to be successful.

Thanks for the show. Maybe we'll see you guys next year.


Kyle Weed
Harrison Township, MI


Legendary A&R man Don Grierson (left) holds court with a gaggle of members.
Dear Michael:

Just wanted to drop you a line thanking you and your staff for the Road Rally.

I came to the Rally with little in the way of expectations. I was impressed with the folks on the panels, with the topics for the workshops, with the enthusiasm of the staff and my peers, and with the showcases. I felt connected, not to "connections" in the business, but rather to the reality of the business. That has been the primary benefit of membership.

With TAXI I believe there is a possibility of succeeding with my music (if not today then tomorrow). Without TAXI it is hard to see how I could do that. With TAXI I have hope, and I have been able to nurture my music and my desire to do music. Without TAXI I doubt that would have happened.

So I picked up some tips, met some nice folks, watched you and the rest of your staff interact with members and the panelists. There was nothing earth shattering, just the sense that this thing is do-able and that I can do it. And for me right now, that is very important.

Thanks to all the participants. They did a wonderful job.


Mark Lee
Tempe, Arizona


Dear TAXI:

I'd like to take the opportunity to thank everyone involved with the Road Rally this past weekend! The panels were fun, informative, and expertly moderated, and it was a real pleasure to be surrounded by so many nice people...I just felt good the entire two days!

Please relay my appreciation to each of the panelists. Not only did they offer their time and expertise, it was evident by their thoughtful insights and responses to questions that they were really there for us. Without exception, I was tremendously impressed by their willingness to share so generously. I think it speaks beautifully of these folks that one of the most-heard quotes from the panels was "... If I could say just one more thing ..." Their enthusiasm, warmth, and openness are things I will carry with me for a very long time.

Working as a computer professional (damn day job...), I've attended my share of conventions and seminars. The Road Rally was by far the most well-organized, well-paced, and engaging event I have ever attended. After basically spending two full days sitting in someone else's chair, my fellow TAXI members seemed to have one unified concern. It wasn't sore backs and butts, it wasn't dread at the thought of some very long plane rides many were facing, it wasn't a mad dash to the bar (not that there's anything wrong with that) ... it was what we're gonna DO when we get home! Congratulations to the TAXI staff for putting together such an effective gathering. Your hard work and effort really had an impact. Thanks!

Michael and Doug, I'd like you to know how impressed I am with your skills as speakers and moderators. You kept things moving, and the questions you asked of both the panelists and audience capably demonstrated the breadth of your own knowledge and experience. You did a great job of getting to what we need to know, and asked the questions we needed asked ... some of which were quite pointed. Also, as brutal as it was, the idea of having the members rate tunes along with the A&R Pitch panel was gold. I get it now. I think s...

Again, thanks for a great weekend. I really feel blessed to have aligned myself with your organization. I'm feeling kind of proud to be a musician again. You're good people in a really cool game... thanks for helping me play.


Brian Beeler
Newhall, CA


Dear Doug & Michael and TAXI Staff:

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, for putting me in a position to meet so many beautiful people such as yourselves--and all the different A&R panels, other musicians, producers and the wealth of information which I received with open arms. I am totally rejuvenated and now I know exactly where I stand as an artist in the music industry.

I was very lucky to get critiqued on one of my songs and realized that I need to work on my song structure. John Braheny asked me if I learned anything from being at the convention. Are you kidding? Hell yes! Before, I doubted myself, now I know what it's going to take for me to get there. I got to meet Rex Benson and Tony Ferguson who were very approachable and encouraging, and although I have never had a song forwarded, just being a member of TAXI gets you into the gateway of meeting people who can help you.

Good luck to Fab who won his ticket to meet with an A&R person. When its your time, its YOUR time man. I'll be at the next TAXI Rally even if I get signed before then. See you when get there.

Cheers to everyone, it was great meeting all of you.

Karrisa Lewes
Mareval, Trinadad


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"It is most certainly my honor to be a member of TAXI. Thank you again."
— Sharon Weinbrum,
TAXI Member

"This is the 3rd Rally my wife, Amy, and I have attended and once again you have outdone yourselves."
— Jimmy & Amy Muffin,
TAXI Members

"As always, a great Rally! I really can't believe that anyone serious about making it in the music business would even consider missing it."
— Roy Flower,
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"You all put a lot of hard work into the Road Rally and it showed. Thanks again for caring so much about your members."
— Cher Klosner Lane,
TAXI Member

"Thanks again for a terrific conference, and for doing an outstanding job in "environmental damage control" in the world of music. Thanks to you, some good music can survive that otherwise would be dead and gone."
— Kubilay Uner,
TAXI Member

"The critiques of my submissions have been most helpful. I have learned so much during these past six months that I find it hard to believe."
— Gary Bonura,
TAXI Member