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What is the Mentor Lunch?
We were trying to find info about the Mentor Lunch we did at last year’s Road Rally and we found this blog on Songwriter’s Tip Jar. We think it gives a good overview:

The Mentor Lunch is a sit down lunch where each table of 10 Road Rally attendees gets to dine with an industry pro — actually, several of them because we rotate them around the tables. You should be able to meet 5 or 6 mentors with a range of different industry backgrounds during the course of your lunch.

Not only do you get to meet Producers, Publishers, Music Library Owners, Music Marketing Experts, Recording Engineers, Songwriting Experts, Instrumental Composers, Music Supervisors, and A&R people, we also encourage them to accept CDs from you (although it’s impossible for us to guarantee they will listen).

We offer a $300 bonus to the industry person who finds the best song, so they are inspired to listen to every song or track they get! They do not offer critiques, but there have been cases in which the members have been contacted by an industry pro following the luncheon.

But there’s another aspect of the Mentor Lunch that I always seem to forget to mention — meeting other songwriters, artists, and composers! So many of THOSE relationships have resulted in collaborations that, in turn, became deals and placements, that we’ll never fully know the extent to which they have paid off.

These members are hanging on every word that Country Music mentor Diana Williamson says.

Legendary Songwriting Coach John Braheny gets a standing ovation from the folks he mentored at this table.

Urban Music expert Stacey Turner definitely has the attention of these two gentlemen at the Mentor Luncheon.

Mentor Lunches place you at a table with an industry expert. You don't want to miss it!



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"The incredible spirit of camaraderie, encouragement and enthusiasm blew me away. Being there, being part of it, and interacting face to face with everybody and everything cannot be explained unless you were there."
— Alan Abrahams,
TAXI Member